How Writing Can Help Keep You Sober

There are many lifestyle changes that can help you sustain recovery from a substance use disorder. These include treating mental health issues, spending time with supportive people, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. There are also supporting practices that can help you stay positive, stay focused on recovery, and understand yourself better. These […]

Why Sleep is Your Secret Weapon for Recovery

Recovering from a substance use disorder isn’t simply a matter of abstaining from drugs and alcohol. While that’s certainly a crucial element of recovery, a strong, sustainable recovery entails a change in lifestyle. That includes therapy, finding social support, and making healthy lifestyle changes such as eating better, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of quality […]

Why Emotional Intelligence is the Core of Addiction Recovery

In recent decades there has been a growing awareness that cognitive intelligence–as measured by IQ tests–is not a reliable predictor of success in life. Although it certainly helps to have some of the talents measured by IQ tests, such as mathematical ability, spatial awareness, and verbal acuity, these talents don’t amount to much unless you […]

Can Positivity Be Toxic?

Learning the difference between encouragement and invalidation There is power in positive thinking, but can the expectation of sunny thoughts cause more harm than good? The key is in the word choice and truthfulness, both from our inner voice and from the comments of those around us. Colloquially known as “toxic positivity”, a mindset that […]

How To Switch From Addiction To Recovery

Addiction is a brain disease. It is something that changes the way you think. To recover, you have to turn back the way you think. You have to revert back to when you were in control. Turn the mindset of doing anything to stay loaded into a mindset that you’ll do anything to be clean. […]

Why Is Recovery Important?

Why does recovery matter? Why can we not just leave everything else out and simply let it be? Why? The answer is simple: we are human. We have emotional bonds and mental ties to things in life. We cannot cut everything off, because then we would be cutting ourselves off from what truly matters. Family, […]