There is Always Hope

Steps Recovery Center is a dual-diagnosis treatment program specializing in the treatment of both mental health and substance use disorders including addiction, alcoholism, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and many more underlying issues. Our highly trained clinical, medical and program staff utilize the most effective, evidence-based methods/modalities for individuals struggling to regain control over their lives and restore or rebuild themselves completely. We offer a full continuum of care based on the individual’s needs including Detox, Residential, Day Treatment, and Intensive Outpatient services. Each level of care is available in Salt Lake County, Utah County, and St. George. Our passion is helping those who may be clinging to the last bit of hope, or even lost all hope, regain a life in which they can find true joy and happiness. Our culture is centered on helping each of our clients and family members remember and realize that there is always HOPE.

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About Steps Recovery Centers

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When a person cannot stop or control their use of alcohol or drugs,  it is likely that in addition to those unhealthy behaviors, there is some underlying mental health issues. These  co-occuring  disorders tend to exacerbate one another.   

Our clinicians will put together an individualized treatment plan to target all co-occuring disorders and aim to do the work that is at the root of the problem. 

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Levels of Care


Intensive Outpatient

Aftercare & Alumni

There are many treatment options a person can choose to begin their journey at. Our goal is to help you or your loved one choose the most appropriate level of care based on clinical and medical factors and evaluation. Each treatment program is customized to meet the individual’s needs and situation. Our programs are designed to work with the client and family members each step of the way to ensure meaningful and lasting recovery.

We will work with  your insurance company, and your family to find payment options that are appropriate for you.