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We Support  The Troops
Each year at least 200,000 service members return from active duty and make the transition to civilian life. At Steps Recovery, we are passionate in our goal to help veterans and their families as they face this transition.  Our initiative to assist these individuals includes the following program attributes and available resources listed below and is continuously expanding.

Services and attributes

Mental Health Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment

•Experiential/Outdoor Therapy

Trauma Informed Care

•Community based programming

•A Focus on overall physical wellness

•PT (Physical Training through Vasa Fitness)

•Client centered facility respective of autonomy.

In Network Insurance

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About Steps Recovery Centers

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When a person cannot stop or control their use of alcohol or drugs,  it is likely that in addition to those unhealthy behaviors, there is some underlying mental health issues. These  co-occuring  disorders tend to exacerbate one another.   

Our clinicians will put together an individualized treatment plan to target all co-occuring disorders and aim to do the work that is at the root of the problem.