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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Payson

We practice the 12-step process for a more holistic approach to treatment. We believe that in order for the healing process to begin, we must endeavor to understand the unique circumstances surrounding each patient. While we do offer residential drug and alcohol rehab in Payson, UT, we also offer our residential therapy program, which contains seasonal activities that encourage team building, such as volleyball and kayaking.

Because of the unique story of our founding, we have a unique perspective into the trials and difficulties of residential addiction recovery, which allows us not only to be more empathetic but also to be more effective in the treatments we offer.

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At Steps Recovery Centers, we are ready and willing to help any way we can, whether it’s through education or through our residential addiction recovery services. If you have any questions about addiction and the recovery process, or if you are in need of support on your journey, contact us today.