Sober Living in Utah

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Sober Living in Utah

Sober living is a term used to describe housing available to people recovering from substance abuse or alcohol abuse disorder. After treatment, people are often faced with returning home to their former environment or moving into a sober living home.

Some individuals choose to live in sober homes to increase the chances of a successful recovery. Sober living homes help individuals transition from intensive addiction treatment to independent living. Sober living homes are vital in assisting people to maintain sobriety and continue on their recovery journey.

Steps Recovery Centers is proud to offer multiple sober living homes throughout the state of Utah. If you or a loved one needs support throughout your addiction recovery journey, a sober living home may be the perfect place to consider.

Sober Living Program in Utah

A Sober living program in Utah is a structured environment where all the residents are in recovery. Residents living in the home have curfews and are required to work and support themselves. They will also typically have a strong foundation in recovery already. 

Sober living homes are sometimes referred to as three-quarter houses. This is because residents are about three-quarters of the way to fully integrating into society.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living homes are also referred to as transitional living or recovery residence programs. Residents of these homes stay in a supervised recovery home that provides clients with continuing care after their addiction rehabilitation treatments. Clients share the goal of achieving complete independence after proving they can maintain stable sobriety.

Sober living homes help residents transition from intensive treatment to independent living. Residents practice full autonomy while peers and supervising staff hold them accountable for their actions. To be admitted into a sober living home, residents must not have drugs or alcohol in their systems. They must also be working towards self-sufficiency.

Sober Living in Utah

Sober living is designed for people who:

  • ANeed additional accountability in their sobriety journey.
  • AAre completing an intensive inpatient treatment program.
  • AAre ready to step into a more structured but independent living environment.
  • AAre currently sober and do not have drugs or alcohol in their system.

Benefits of Sober Living in Utah

Sobriety is a journey and process that takes time, and sober living in Utah offers many benefits. Sober living housing provides guidance and support while holding residents accountable for their success in recovery. In addition, residents benefit from living in this type of facility because they can continue to improve their physical health in an environment that reduces stress, depression, and fatigue.

Sober living offers recovering addicts with stable transitional housing. Stable housing enables them to get back on their feet and have a fresh start. Sober living homes are designed to help those who have completed an inpatient or outpatient program and are no longer actively using drugs or alcohol. 

Some benefits of a safe and supportive sober living include:

A Chance to Build Meaningful Relationships

For most addicts in active addiction, the only relationship that matters is the one with their substance of choice. A sober living home is where they can begin building meaningful relationships that add value to their lives. They can receive the social support that they need to build their recovery program.

In a sober house, they can meet people who are also in recovery. These people will have their unique perspectives on sobriety and understand the addicts’ struggles. Their peers will understand what they have been through while in active addiction. 

Often they will have dealt with similar situations and offer perspectives they can apply to their lives. In addition, residents of sober living homes have others around them to help alleviate feelings of loneliness, and over time, these companions often become more like a second family.

Continuing Support & Structure

One of the main benefits of a sober living home is the ongoing support and structure an addict needs in recovery. A lack of structure can make it easy to fall into old habits that can harm their recovery. Sober living residents receive the support and relapse prevention tools they need to stay sober.

Sober living homes are typically run by managers who ensure that all residents follow the rules and guidelines of the house. They are there to enforce the rules and help residents find solutions to problems they face. In addition, the staff is trained to provide ongoing care and to hold all residents accountable for their actions.

Learn Valuable Life Skills

While in active addiction, relationships can suffer, and maintaining the addict’s health and keeping up with obligations become unimportant. A sober living home allows them to learn the life skills needed to support themselves after they transition.

Typically these skills are taught by requiring residents to complete chores such as:

  • ADoing laundry
  • AGrocery shopping
  • AGoing to work
  • ADaily exercise
Sober Living in Utah

Easing the Transition

Transitioning from treatment to daily life can be challenging. When a person completes treatment, they are often nervous and scared to transition back into the real world. They may have a fear of failure or lack support. A sober living home makes the transition easier.

After completing an inpatient treatment program, Steps Recovery Center can help them transition back into the world. Intensive inpatient programs are excellent at treating addiction. However, people in recovery fall back into old habits when faced with everyday stressors outside of a supportive environment.

At Steps Recovery Center, we provide an environment similar to home. Residents face many of the same problems as at home but have people around them who are also in recovery and can provide support in moments of weakness. At Steps Recovery Center, the recovering addict will have a strong support structure as they begin to return to everyday life.

Enter Sober Living with Steps Recovery Center

When choosing a sober living home, finding a program concerned with making sobriety sustainable is vital. At Steps Recovery Center, we specialize in treating patients with both mental health and substance use disorders. After completing an intensive inpatient treatment program, we can help treat substance or alcohol addiction and underlying issues such as trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and more.

Steps Recovery Center has multiple treatment centers and sober living properties throughout Utah. We utilize the most advanced and effective methods available to treat individuals struggling with addiction and restore themselves completely. Our sober living homes can be integral to their road to recovery and sober living. 

Contact us today to learn more about sober living homes and how we can help your loved ones recover from addiction.

Sober Living in Utah

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