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Steps Recovery Centers has a great staff that is eager to help you on your path to recovery. Many of them have conquered addictions themselves and understand your journey. Our qualified specialists will provide you with medical treatment and tools for lifestyle changes to restore your health and well-being.

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Steps Recovery Center Team

Tyler Hansen


After struggling with heroin and opiate addiction and spending time in the Utah State Prison for 2 1/2 years, Tyler has been sober 8 years. He is now pursuing his Masters, and has received a degree in Psychology and is also a licensed substance use disorder counselor in the State of Utah.

Tyler donates his time at the RISE program at the Utah County Jail, is a member of the Utah County Sheriffs Office, & he is on the board of directors at the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition.

Tyler has worked at Steps Recovery Centers for 6 years and started on the admissions team years ago. He has presented at the Fall Substance Abuse Conference and told his story across the country and on several podcasts here locally. He works with several local organizations including Adult Parole and Probation and the Utah Department of Corrections to reduce recidivism to jails and prisons and increase awareness around the opiate crisis.

Tyler has 5 kids and a wonderful wife, and spends his spare time with them. They enjoy lots of sports and living in Utah close to the mountains.

Paul Walkenhorst

Co Owner

Paul began battling addiction during his days of playing college football. Due to multiple injuries he was given prescription painkillers to deal with the pain. He began his journey into recovery on his sobriety date, which is May 11th 2012.

Paul graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors of Science. He and his wife started a foundation in 2016 called Hope of Recovery. The mission of the foundation is to provide housing and treatment for those that cannot afford it. Paul started with Steps Recovery Center in 2014, providing housing and outpatient treatment. That led into management and now ownership.

Paul and his wife Angela have 5 children. He enjoys spending time with his family and anything outdoors. Paul’s personal motto is “ There is always hope.”

Kevin Thacker

Marketing Director

I am a person in long term recovery. I spent years battling and eventually overcoming my own substance abuse demons. I work in this field for one reason, to help people.

I grew up in Utah and spent most of my life feeling separate, alone and different. My addiction got the best of me for years and it wasn’t until I spoke up about my problem that I found people who had gone through the same struggles as me, found a way through them and were willing to show me a new way to live. I call this recovery.

When I was hopeless it was people in recovery that were able to show me that hope was possible. I try everyday to pass this along to the clients I work with. Hope is never lost and recovery is possible. Recovery is a lifestyle. I honor my recovery by speaking about it to anybody that may need to hear it.