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We understand that the road to recovery is different for everyone and that there are unique challenges that every individual faces when they are trying to get over an addiction. Our outpatient rehab facilities are addiction recovery centers for all, designed to be a safe place to recover with help from those who understand what you are going through and have experience with addiction firsthand.

Our program is intended to assist patients in overcoming their addictions and assure they, and their families, understand addiction is not indefinite and/or permanent. We use a holistic healing process to aid our patients to find healing in their mind, body and soul. We were founded with an addiction recovery mindset and have helped heal people all over Utah through our 12-step recovery process.

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At Steps Recovery Centers, we are ready and willing to help any way we can, whether it’s through education or through our residential addiction recovery services. If you have any questions about addiction and the recovery process, or if you are in need of support on your journey, contact us today.