Addictions Recovery: The Most Effective Types of Meditation for Addictions Recovery

Addiction has devastating impacts on every part of a person’s life, ranging from their habits to their relationships.   Part of the challenge facing those in recovery is that each person’s path and experience though addiction is highly individual.  As a result, holistic approaches to addiction treatment are among often the most successful, and active meditation […]

Addiction Recovery: The Best Resources for Moms and Addiction Recovery

The Best Resources for Moms and Addiction Recovery

Mothers whose children are in the process of addiction recovery often feel like they’re helpless. They may not know where to turn or what to do. Sadly, their efforts to help can feel like they’re causing more harm than good. Mothers have an important role to play in their child’s recovery, though, and there are […]

2 Personality Traits That Make Recovery Harder

Personality comprises the traits that make us who we are. Whereas our knowledge, circumstances, beliefs, and behaviors typically change a lot throughout our lives, our personalities don’t change much after childhood. Your personality affects every aspect of your life—what kinds of jobs you’re good at, whether you’re likely to strike up a conversation with a […]

6 Ways to Keep Depression From Coming Back

6 Ways to Keep Depression From Coming Back

Depression is one of the most common mental health problems in the US. According to a national survey of more than 36,000 people, about one in five Americans will experience an episode of major depression at some point in their lives. In addition, there is a high correlation between depression and substance use disorders. One […]

Is Your Mind Making You Miserable? Watch Out for These Cognitive Distortions

Is Your Mind Making You Miserable

Whenever something makes you angry, sad, scared, depressed, or anxious, it’s not the event itself that makes you feel that way but rather your beliefs about the event. That is the central insight of cognitive therapy. While it often feels like our emotions are directly caused by what happens to us, there is always a […]

What are the Most Common Co-occurring Conditions with Addiction?

What Are The Most Common Co-Occurring Conditions With Addiction

There are several major risk factors that make developing a substance use disorder far more likely. Genes account for about half of your addiction risk. If you have a close relative such as a parent or a sibling–especially a twin–with a substance use disorder, you have a much higher risk of developing an addiction.  Related […]

3 Ways Spending Time in Nature Strengthens Your Recovery

Recovery from substance use is about far more than just abstaining from drugs and/or alcohol. It requires a commitment to living in a way that makes you feel more connected and fulfilled. Seeking out adventures and new experiences, as well as taking care of yourself on the mental, physical, and spiritual levels are necessary parts […]

How to Overcome Cognitive Distortions

Cognitive distortions are the hidden assumptions that make us feel bad about things that happen to us. Typically, we don’t feel bad about events themselves but rather we feel bad because of our beliefs about events. This is the core insight of cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, currently considered the “gold standard” of psychotherapy based on […]

Why is it So Hard for Us to Ask for Help?

Why Is It So Hard For Us To Ask For Help

When we’re struggling with emotional and behavioral issues like addiction and mental illness, sometimes the hardest thing to do is ask for help, even when we need that help to get better. We can have a tough time reaching out for support, confiding in people, and also letting them know we have a problem.  What […]

Self-Awareness as a Healing Tool

Self-Awareness As A Healing Tool

For those of us struggling with addiction and mental health issues, our behavioral patterns are often our way of trying to escape ourselves, our painful thoughts and emotions, and the things in our lives we don’t feel able to face. Our drug of choice becomes our coping mechanism for the problematic aspects of our lives, […]