The Best 13 Addiction Recovery Tips

If you are at your wit’s end with addiction and see no end in sight to the madness and chaos, you may be ready for recovery. Recovery from addiction is like the bitter pill with blessed effects. If you are able to use your pain and anguish as a catalyst for recovery, you will build […]

Cocaine Addiction: Everything You Need To Know


Over time and with an excessive use of cocaine, one can find themselves or a loved one facing a cocaine addiction.  Any kind of substance abuse should be taken seriously, and taking the time to understand what cocaine is and what the effects are can do wonders for helping you to get a better idea […]

Addictions Treatment: This is How Much Addiction Treatment Really Costs

Addiction is devastating and can derail one’s life. Moreover, the cost of addiction treatment can be daunting for addicts and their families.  While treatment costs vary from region to region, several factors influence the final amount. The cost for addiction treatment ranges from $1,000 to $60,000, depending upon the type of chosen treatment, the patient’s […]

Addictions Recovery: A Guide to Life After Rehab

Addictions Recovery: A Guide to Life After Rehab

One of the hardest things that people can do is admit to themselves that they have a drug or alcohol addiction and decide to do something about it.  Substance addiction, because of the physiological effects it has, can be particularly challenging to overcome. Many people choose rehabilitation programs to help them overcome these addictions, but […]

Addiction Recovery: The Complete Sex Addiction Recovery Guide

The Complete Sex Addiction Recovery Guide

Addiction can be all-consuming and a subject of great shame. Hiding destructive behavior is exhausting.  However, getting help can be life-changing. Therapies to help a sex addict recover are gentle and focus on healing and learning how to move forward with a healthy mind, body, and soul. Through a regimented program of therapies, and treatments, […]

Addiction Recovery: These are the Stages of Addiction Recovery You Need to Know

Addiction is a severe problem that has far-reaching effects, so it is imperative to understand the stages of recovery to begin the recovery journey.  There are five stages of addiction recovery: Pre-Contemplation: denial of addiction Contemplation: thinking about healing Preparation: planning a recovery Action: acting out a recovery plan Maintenance: avoiding relapses While that is […]

Addiction Recovery: 10 of the Best Addiction Recovery Board Games

Addiction recovery board games are an excellent way for those recovering to stay on task and focused on their recovery. They not only encourage individuals to cope with triggers and emotions, but they also help players learn to deal with problems that come up in real life. We care about you and those who are […]

Addiction Recovery: Readings For Positive Results

Addiction recovery and withdrawal can be challenging, and professionals recommend using meditation and mantras to deal with issues effectively.  Mantras and daily meditations can slowly equip you with the right tools to effectively combat any urges and deal with recovery. Mantras, meditation, and affirmations can help keep the negative thoughts away and anchor the mind […]

Addiction Recovery: Seven Great Art Project Ideas

Art therapy is known to be an effective technique in improving mental and emotional well-being, especially for those in addiction recovery treatment.  For years, therapists have used art therapy to alleviate negative emotions and benefit the addiction recovery process.  Expression through art can help individuals communicate their feelings and take the next steps to recover. […]

Addiction Recovery: 16 of the Best Addiction and Recovery Movies

For people healing from substance abuse, addiction recovery movies can help them cope and feel understood. Addiction is a part of human nature that targets the innocent and holds back against none. With such a widespread threat lingering in the shadows, having a professional, competent, and caring team ready to treat drug and alcohol addiction […]