6 Inspiring Stories of Addiction Recovery

6 Inspiring Stories Of Addiction Recovery
October 11, 2019

Books can help in so many ways, and books about drug addiction recovery can be both educational and inspirational. The authors show courage in sharing their recovery stories, just as you are showing bravery in your own recovery journey. 

If you are in need of some inspiration, check out these life quotes from Steps Recovery Centers. If you are looking for some recovery reads, here are some wonderful drug addiction recovery stories of hope.

The Waterfall Concept: A Blueprint for Addiction Recovery

Recovery Coach Roger Stark has drawn upon his own experience with addiction to develop The Waterfall Concept. Since everyone’s path to addiction is different, this book does not delve much into why it happened, but rather focuses on tools to use during the recovery process. 

The waterfall can be a casino or poker game for a gambling addict, a tavern or concert or social circle for an alcohol or drug addict. Stark’s illustrative concept is that you have to move away from that precipice of the waterfall, where the waters narrow and run faster and are harder to escape, and move upstream to a calmer safer harbor.

Chancers: Addiction, Prison, Recovery, Love: One Couple’s Memoirs

Susan Stellin and Graham Macindoe alternate chapters to tell their story of love, Rikers, and recovery. “Chancers” describes people who manipulate for their own benefit, but also is applied to people who take unhealthy risks; they take their chances.

They are brutally honest with their feelings of pain, fear, frustration, disgust, and, in Graham’s case, the physical toll of addiction, withdrawal, and recovery. Chancers is an example of how drug addiction can make you lose everything you love (in Graham’s case potentially his son), and how recovery can help put the pieces back together.

Crystal Clean: A Mother’s Struggle with Meth Addiction and Recovery

A mother’s love for her son and the destruction that bond can sometimes bring is a harrowing yet inspiring story. Kimberly Wollenburg’s story of the hell of meth addiction is so gripping that many reviewers share that the intensity created the need to put the book down for a while and take a break. It was almost too much.

Wollenburg’s calm retelling of her drug addiction recovery story from start to recovery continuously brings people back, because even though you know she survived because she wrote the book, you just must know how it ends.

Addiction Recovery Workbook: A Simple Guide to Long Term Sobriety

Dallas Bennett’s small workbook is not a substitute for professional counseling and recovery assistance but is rather a tool that his years as a substance abuse counselor inspired him to create.

Bennett understands that quitting drugs and alcohol is the easy part. Staying sober is where the difficulties lie. His workbook takes the approach of education and application, gaining knowledge about addiction and recovery, and then sticking to those lessons to apply them to your own life of recovery.

Impaired: A Nurse’s Story of Addiction and Recovery

Nursing is a physically and emotionally challenging career. Caring for 3 kids, a husband, and a disabled father can be harrowing. Combine these with the ready access to narcotics, and you have the perfect equation for drug addiction. That is the story Patricia Holloran shares.

The opposite of a “high,” Holloran turned to Stadol, an opioid so powerful its use has been discontinued in the U.S. Patricia just needed sleep, but narcotic use for rest turned into an addiction. Impaired shares her battle against addiction as well as her triumph in helping others in the healthcare industry to deal with their stresses and addictions of their own.

Mind On Fire: A Case of Successful Addiction Recovery

You can find multiple websites that explain the physical symptoms of withdrawal when a person starts on the road to addiction recovery. With Mind On Fire, Phillip Muls describes the fierce battle that continues to rage in the mind of an addict.

Mind On Fire is a great resource for those in recovery and their loved ones, as it progresses through the first 18 months of recovery.

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