Why Is Recovery Important?

June 29, 2016

Why does recovery matter? Why can we not just leave everything else out and simply let it be? Why?

The answer is simple: we are human. We have emotional bonds and mental ties to things in life. We cannot cut everything off, because then we would be cutting ourselves off from what truly matters. Family, life, health, they are all important. And to truly have them all back, recovery must happen.


They care. You care. Someone out there is thinking of you and you are thinking of someone out there. If you want your family to truly be happily together again, take the steps to recover. Making peace with your family is a part of recovery and you will need their support. It is easier to share burdens than to lift your weight alone.


Addiction takes a toll on family, life, and health. Addiction can make it hard to think clear, and to make reasonable decisions. Everything may center around just one thing, but that’s not how life is supposed to be. There is family to love, and a life to live. If you do not take the time to recover and find true health again, it will continue to be hard to fulfill family responsibilities and life goals. Without good health, there is no ‘living life to the fullest’, because there is no full you.


Recovery matters because life matters. Whether it’s you or a loved one who is struggling with addiction, make sure it is known that life matters. We are all here for something and we are not here alone. We are together. We are together to figure this life out, to make contributions only we can make, and to better the world around us. You are needed because you are you.

So find yourself again. Live your life, and be with your family. Come to a Steps Recovery Center to make it happen.

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