8 Ways To Help Someone Stop Drinking

November 28, 2021

Many people must have told you that you cannot stop an addict from consuming addictive substances. They will only stop when they have made up their mind. It is true, but only to some extent. While your loved one is the only person who can control their alcohol and drug consumption, you can also take specific measures to curb their addiction.

The following ways may help you control or improve your loved one’s drinking problem.

  1. Open communication lines– You should express your concern towards your loved one who is addicted to alcohol. They might never know that you are concerned for them until you convey it. Talk to them politely and bring attention to their drinking problem. Try to make them understand where your concern is coming from. Though challenging, this will surely bring them one step closer to recovery.
  2. Talk about their underlying issues– People often drink to deal with their depression or anxiety. There can be several underlying problems that result in excessive drinking. Do not accuse them, especially if your loved one is unaware that they are suffering from anxiety or depression. Gently discuss their contributing problems to their drinking.
  3. Be ready with instances of why you think there is a problem- Before confronting them about their addiction, think about the reasons leading to your concern. Bring them up while having a conversation with your loved one. Solid reasoning will help your loved one take you and your concerns seriously.
  4. Do not enable them- Your behavior must not enable your loved one to consume addictive substances. It means you should neither bail them out of bad situations nor make excuses for them. Do not allow them to use you or take advantage of your love towards them. It will be beneficial for them in the long run. You should also let them do things they are capable of doing. Your loved one must learn how to be self-sufficient.
  5. Do not drink around them– Drinking alcohol around your addicted loved one would be highly inconsiderate of you. It would give them strong urges to drink or make them believe that your concern for them is not serious enough.
  6. Talk to other people- Talking to someone who has successfully quit drinking can be extremely beneficial. Discuss how they accepted their excessive drinking problem and how they approached it. However, remember what worked for them may not necessarily work for everyone.
  7. Do not judge them- Just because you have not been through alcoholism, you should not judge your loved one who is struggling with it. Do not make them feel more shame; else, it will do more harm. They may again turn to alcohol to coat their emotions.
  8. No matter what, always support their recovery- Be their constant support throughout their recovery journey. Let them know that you are proud of them. They should never feel that you no longer care about their recovery. Attend meetings and support groups with them and educate yourself on addiction.

About Steps Recovery Centers

Alcoholism is a disease that can have severe consequences in your life. If you want to help your loved one stop drinking, get them enrolled in Steps Recovery Centers. We are a rehab center known for our effective treatment methods for drug and alcohol addiction. Our experienced staff is trained to take care of every resident at the center. For more information about us, contact us at 801-800-8142.  

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