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Use Your Weekend Right So You Can Conquer the Rest of the Week

Use Your Weekend Right So You Can Conquer the Rest of the Week

People are living in all sorts of circumstances. Students go to school, parents raise their children, teachers teach, doctors heal, workers work. We do what we do, and sometimes life can get a bit hectic. If you are asked about your life and simply describe it with the word “busy”, then this post is for you.

We may not all have our weekends off, but let’s hope that somewhere in your busy life, you have some sort of a ‘weekend’. That could be an actual weekend, a day off, a holiday, or an evening to yourself.

These ‘weekends’ are the reprieves to our lives, the break that gives us the rest we need to keep on going. We don’t know about you, but we need weekends. And sometimes, we need to make sure that we use our weekends in the best way possible.

“A day well-spent brings a week of content.”

Let’s keep that in mind as we go over some ways to get the most out of your day or days off.

  1. Prioritize. As much as we may prefer otherwise, weekends often require that we get some things done. It may be cleaning around the house, going to the post office, or other errands or projects. Although we may feel like procrastinating these things, getting them done right off the bat will help us feel accomplished, and more able to enjoy the rest of our break. So, when you get your day off, don’t mentally clock out just yet. Do the things that need to get done, and then you can relax.
  2. Do some self-improvement. You need time to become a better you. Improving yourself may include completing some exercise, writing in your journal, or simply reading a book. Any wholesome activity will do.
  3. Go outside. Unless your normal day requires that you spend some substantive time outside, chances are you don’t get enough fresh air. Dedicate some time to go for a hike, walk, or go to the park. It’ll do you some good, or at least give you some more perspective on how grateful we should be for the bug-free, air-conditioned indoors.
  4. Relax, but more importantly, don’t get bummed out if your weekend doesn’t go as planned. The more upset you get about ruined plans, the more ruined your plans will be. Try to be laid-back and ready for whatever comes your way. Sometimes, what happens is just what happens, but you can still choose to be happy.
  5. Don’t waste your time dreading the end of your weekend. Yes, weekends do end, but you don’t need to spend your whole weekend thinking about how soon it will be over. Try to enjoy yourself, and you may find that if you actually try looking forward to your work week, or whatever your week may hold, you’ll be in a better mood, and more able to enjoy your down-time.

These are simple, and sometimes-obvious steps, but it’s important to follow them if you truly want to get the most out of your weekend, and the following week. A happy and content you, brings a happy and content life. If addiction is preventing you from having a wholesome, and happy weekend and week, Steps Recovery Centers have programs to help you find you again.