The Best 12 Addiction Recovery Apps

May 19, 2021

Even with strong willpower, the road to recovery can be a long process with temptations and barriers to overcome. One of the more challenging aspects is managing and disciplining yourself during everyday life, outside of meetings. Smartphone applications are a convenient and reliable form of support, especially when your access to typical support systems is limited.

To help you with your recovery needs, we put together a comprehensive and well-rounded list of addiction recovery apps. There is a phone app for everything: creating goals and organizing your sobriety journey to tracking milestones and providing inspiration to combat urges. Here are the best applications for iPhone and Android devices to aid you during your recovery.

Why Use an Addiction Recovery App?

Substance abuse is far from a rare condition, with an estimated 20.7 million people in need of treatment in the United States. Unfortunately, a fair number of those in need, around 19 percent, are unable to receive it due to a variety of circumstances. Whether your local community lacks access to resources or your financial situation does not permit seeking aid, you may have to look for alternative solutions. 

Some of the reasons why recovery applications are useful include:

  1. A source of support dedicated to you: Unlike a person, a phone app does not have its own life and set of problems to deal with. It can be there for you whenever you need it. While a phone app can never replace the face to face support of a human being, it can be there for you when other options are unavailable. 
  2. Anytime, anywhere: The support from a phone app is instantaneous. If you feel an urge, you can simply open your phone and find encouraging words or connect with an advocate. No matter where you are or what situation you are in, as long as you have your phone, you can access a form of support when you need it.
  3. A sense of community: One of the more critical elements of recovery is feeling like you are not alone. A phone app with a community can help you connect to others. Knowing that others share your journey can be a significant motivating factor.

When it comes down to it, an addiction recovery app is just another form of support. With relapse rates of 40 to 60 percent, addicts can use all the help they can get to battle substance abuse disorders.

The critical thing to remember is that addiction is a highly treatable disease that you can recover from. The more tools you have in your toolbox, the more likely you will stay on track, motivated, and, therefore, triumphant in your quest for sobriety.

12 Best Addiction Recovery Apps

To find an application that best suits your needs, consider the issues you may be struggling with. Examples include:

  • Fighting urges to give in to substance or alcohol use
  • Recognizing and replacing bad habits with positive ones
  • Building self-confidence and practicing mindfulness
  • Meeting advocates and other members of the sobriety community
  • Maintaining motivation, particularly on days of adversity

Besides, brainstorm about what forms of support would best help you cope or face your problems. Once you narrow down the field, you can start looking at apps that address your specific needs. Below are 12 options that we have found are great options:

  1. Nomo – Sobriety Clocks
NichePlatform(s)PriceRating (Stars/Total Reviewers)
GeneraliPhone and AndroidFree4.8 (10.4K) / 4.5 (1.3K)

Nomo – Sobriety Clocks is the genuine deal, catering specifically to the needs of addicts in recovery. Created by someone in recovery, the app came together based on the creator’s own needs and focuses on what helped him stay motivated and on track.

This application is one of the more comprehensive options with an unlimited number of sobriety clocks that accurately track your time sober, down to the minute. You can also see how much money you have saved by rejecting bad habits. As you reach sobriety milestones, you earn chips that you can view at any time for encouragement.

Nomo also supports social media services. You can share your successes or journal entries on Facebook and Twitter or privately message accountability partners when you need support. The app even includes an encouragement wall with supportive messages from the community and distraction exercises to help you refocus during times of intense cravings.

Though most iPhone and Android users are satisfied, there seem to be more operating issues for Android users.

As a passion project, it is refreshing to see the developer, Parker Stech, respond to negative and positive feedback, alike. Nomo is genuinely a recovery app made for addicts, by addicts, and it shows. The developer’s first-hand knowledge allows him to understand what sorts of features recovering addicts are looking for. 

From the reviews:

“This app lets me track some of the things I have done in this time and money I have saved. It helps me realize that I am doing great in times of frustration or during times of neglect. I will get complacent now and then, and then I will start to work on self-love stuff again and read more and eat better, and this app really helps me realize that I have done something wonderful and the proof is right in front of me…”

  1. I Am Sober
NichePlatform(s)PriceRating (Stars/Total Reviewers)
GeneraliPhone and AndroidFree (optional sub)4.8 (35.1K) / 4.8 (12.9K)

Start your day with a daily pledge to stay motivated and goal-focused. I Am Sober acts as that reliable friend who keeps you on track by continually reminding you of what you are working toward.

As a relatively unique feature, the app draws on informative elements with a withdrawal timeline that gives users an idea of what to expect during their recovery. If you want to help others in the community, you can contribute your own experiences and symptoms to the wall. 

The app helps you stay sober one day at a time with its visual tracker and money calculator. It also connects you to a network of people striving to accomplish the same goal that you are. As part of the sober community, you can share insights and tactics and learn from others’ wisdom. 

Furthermore, the app has journaling capabilities, allowing you to take photos, document your progress, and analyze your triggers. You can save your entries for your eyes only, share them with others, or read other public accounts.

Though the basic app is free, it offers an optional subscription for $4.99 a month. The premium account grants access to its unique features, including data back-up via the cloud, aesthetic customizations, motivation packs, and a profile badge. 

The app is also partnered with BetterHelp, an online counseling resource with an app of their own (featured later in this article). 

From the reviews:

“By far, the best app if you’re going sober. I really enjoy seeing how much money I’m saving, but there is also so much more! Really helps keep you on track with pledges and reminding you why you’re staying sober.”

  1. Twenty-Four Hours a Day
NichePlatform(s)PriceRating (Stars/Total Reviewers)
GeneraliPhone and AndroidFree4.9 (2.8K) / 4.9 (501)

Based on the best-selling book of the same title, this app from Hazelden Publishing offers 366 daily meditations. Written by Richard Walker, these readings have inspired more than 10 million people since 1954. 

For all the forgetful folk out there (you are not alone!), the app comes with a reminder function to read your daily meditation. If a reflection particularly strikes you, you can choose to share it with your friends and family through text messages.

Along with meditations, the app offers prayers and religious teachings that work excellently in conjunction with 12-step programs. As a smart feature, you can shake your device to bring up a random encouraging message whenever you need it.

Though the app is simple, it accomplishes its goal of spreading positivity. If you think you would benefit from a daily motivational reminder, consider giving this completely free app a try.

From the reviews:

“I have been reading this little book for over thirty years, and it has helped me find direction and hope in sobriety. Now I can read it whenever I feel temptation or just need some inspiring words. Great app.”

  1. Sober Grid
NichePlatform(s)PriceRating (Stars/Total Reviewers)
CommunityiPhone and AndroidFree4.9 (3.8K) / 4.0 (1.1K)

Sober Grid is the social network of sobriety. Rather than focusing on tools that supplement an individual’s journey, this app focuses on the people aspect of sobriety. The founders’ primary goal was to create a real sober community that anyone could access anytime and anywhere.

As the name indicates, Sober Grid seeks to connect you with other members in the area. Use the Grid’s GPS locator to find sober friends in your area or while traveling all over the globe. Though you can remain anonymous if you choose, you can also message nearby individuals to meet up.

The app provides unlimited chat messages and voice calls. Moreover, you gain access to Certified Peer Coaches. They provide support in helping you set goals, monitor your progress, and share their own recovery experiences with you. They can also connect you with resources for finding housing, jobs, health care, and more.

Some users have complained that the app caters to, prioritizes, and even pushes AA. The app seems to encounter more bugs on Android, and some dislike the app’s insistence on knowing the user’s location. 

As a telehealth app with evidence-based tools, Sober Grid has been praised by the likes of the New York Times, Fox News, the Chicago Tribune, the Huffington Post, and more. Reap the benefits of trained peer coaches who are readily available and the power of having a whole community behind you.

From the reviews:

“Here is the one thing I will say: when I need help, I can go on there, and post and people will immediately send me helpful advice or just a few kind words. Sometimes I just log on and see that someone else has posted a bit of wisdom that pulls me through. I love the fact that there is an app that is user-friendly and so helpful to my recovery process… Sober Grid has given me a space to reach out to other addicts when they need someone too.”

  1. Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson
NichePlatform(s)PriceRating (Stars/Total Reviewers)
AlcoholiPhone and Android$2.99 / $2.494.4 (47) / 4.4 (86)

If you are looking for a way to deal with the emotional and physical cravings of alcohol, then Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson might be just the app for you. With his soothing Scottish accent, Johnson acts as a guide for users who want to break free from negative habits that lead to drinking.

As a less technical app, Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson utilizes hypnotherapy to encourage a positive mental state. Through meditations that use elements of relaxation, positivity, and visualization, users are guided on a journey that will help them resist and, hopefully, cease drinking. 

Along with running workshops in Relaxation Training, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Coping Skills, Andrew Johnson is renowned for his self-help recordings, with over 11 million downloads from app stores. 

Johnson’s meditations can be used to wake up feeling inspired and energized or as a sleeping aid at night, allowing peaceful rest. You can also listen to them at convenient hours throughout the day, such as during a jog or lunch break. 

Though the app has mostly positive reviews, some users complained that it was too simple and not worth the money. The meditations also run on the longer side, sometimes taking up to three hours. 

From the reviews:

“This app is cool… But it’s not actually the app itself; it’s the real experience. Basically, you’re paying $3 to have this amazing, intelligent, and enlightened man guide you through yourself, facilitate your ultimate relaxation… It’s really amazing. It’s funny and moving; it’s so simple and effective.”

  1. I Am 
NichePlatform(s)PriceRating (Stars/Total Reviewers)
Self-careiPhone and AndroidFree (optional sub)4.8 (23.4K) / 4.7 (2.6K)

Incorporate the daily affirmations as part of your morning routine, or set reminders for yourself throughout the day. If there are certain times throughout the day that you regularly face temptation, such as after a grueling workday, try setting up the app to send you affirmation at that specific hour. 

As an encouraging sign, the developers are vocal and attentive to reviews. The app’s basic functions are free, though some users say that it does not include much and that the free version is plagued with ads. The subscription provides additional features and comes with a three-day trial. 

“I Am” harnesses the power of simplicity with daily affirmations that provide you with motivational positivity. Much of the recovery process is about self-care and confidence to tackle life without the use of substances. This app helps you do just that.

“I am’s” affirmations aim to help you recognize the negativity and patterns of self-doubt that may hold you back from achieving your goals. Becoming more aware of your thought patterns and verbalizing your dreams and ambitions helps you stay straight on the road to recovery.

From the reviews:

“Amazing app! It definitely helps those who struggle with anxiety and are in a fast-paced environment like I am! The little reminders every hour help me take a deep breath and remember that I’m okay and am in control. Five stars, no question!”

  1. Sobriety Counter – EasyQuit
NichePlatform(s)PriceRating (Stars/Total Reviewers)
AlcoholAndroidFree (paid upgrade)4.9 (22.7K)

With a unique approach, Sobriety Counter eases the recovery process by utilizing fun game elements. If you feel overwhelmed by temptation, you can partake in a memory game that will distract you and help you fight off the urge to drink.

For some, it can be difficult to quit drinking cold turkey. Fortunately, Sobriety Counter has a “quit slowly” mode, which helps you set up a customized plan to take the recovery process step by step. It also comes with 64 sobriety badges to acquire as you meet your goals.

Tying health to sobriety and showing the physical improvements you can enjoy are excellent motivators for sticking to sobriety goals. The app provides you with valuable information about your body, such as blood circulation, cell regeneration, and decreased heart disease risks. 

The base version is free, but you can upgrade to the pro version for $4.49. The upgrade removes all the ads, which users have claimed clutter the basic app.

From the reviews:

“…This app has given me health-related information and goals I hadn’t previously known, making me understand how important my stopping drinking long-term is. Before this app, I’m pretty sure I’d have resumed drinking once I lost my weight… with what I’ve learned about drinking and health thanks to this app, now I just don’t want to!”

  1. Joe & Charlie – AA Big Book
NichePlatform(s)PriceRating (Stars/Total Reviewers)
AAiPhone and AndroidFree4.9 (4.4K) / 4.8 (3.5K)

Joe & Charlie’s AA Big Book is the perfect initiation into the AA’s 12-step program. Sometimes it can be challenging to keep up with all the reading. With the app’s audio recordings, you can sit back and listen to become well-versed in essential information for recovery and preventing relapse.

As past members of Alcoholics Anonymous themselves, the creators attained sobriety for 20 years before recording the app’s first tracks in 1988. With over 1,000 tracks and more than 100 hours of audio, the app provides 17 out of 34 tracks for free, with an abundance of information on the program, workshops, personal stories, daily readings and reflections, and more.

Upgrading to a premium subscription unlocks the rest of the content and allows you to listen offline and build playlists from the tracks. You can subscribe monthly for $3.99 or every three months for $6.99.

The app also provides sleep and meditation tracks to encourage relaxation and daily notifications. Users describe the app as a down to earth approach to the AA recovery process that can help guide you to an improved lifestyle.

From the reviews:

“The Joe and Charlie tapes… helped me understand [the Big Book] and see how important it was to my recovery. The easy and down to earth manner in which they delivered the message using levity at times and also pointing out the serious nature of the disease, encouraged me to continue to study the book for the past 12 years of my continuous sobriety and for this I am eternally grateful.”

  1. Recovery Box 
NichePlatform(s)PriceRating (Stars/Total Reviewers)
AAiPhoneFree4.7 (695) / 4.7 (1.1K)

Along with the prayers and readings, this app focuses narrowly on the 12 steps. The app contains detailed explanations and hundreds of pages of passages from the AA Big Book. The descriptions come with directions to follow and mini-goals to achieve. 

To accompany the steps, Recovery Box comes with a variety of tools that supplement your journey. You can set nightly reminders for yourself and write down your thoughts in a section designated for note-taking. You can also add sponsors or sponsees to connect with them through instant messenger.

Recovery Box offers practical guidance and spiritual tools to enrich and ease your recovery journey. For unlimited and ad-free access, you can sign up for an auto-renewing subscription of $39.99 a year or $15.99 quarterly. 

From the reviews:

“This app is a must-have for anyone in recovery or struggle with a life-controlling issue. It literally has the complete AA program on this app with references, worksheets, and accountability tools. I highly suggest this to everyone. You won’t be disappointed!”

  1. SoberTool 
NichePlatform(s)PriceRating (Stars/Total Reviewers)
GeneraliPhone and AndroidFree4.7 (2.2K) / 4.7 (1.1K)

With applications for all types of addictions, SoberTool aims to teach people how to adjust their thinking to think and act like a sober person. Utilizing coping skills, the app seeks to address all feelings you might experience regarding cravings and substance triggers.

To accomplish such a feat, the app provides daily motivational messages with notifications. As an incredibly unique feature, a search engine leads users to readings that are catered to their current needs. For instance, during moments of temptation, you can type in a word that describes how you feel to find the answers you are looking for.

You can also answer a questionnaire to attain more customized options. Obtain awards for sobriety or take advantage of the journaling feature to track your personal mental progression or reflect on your journey. 

Though some users did not appreciate the app’s religious aspects, there is no denying that the developer cares deeply about his creation. As an educated, licensed chemical dependency counselor with 30 years of sobriety under his belt, he continuously responds to customer issues and reviews.

From the reviews:

“I’ve tried a couple of different sober tool apps, and this one has been my favorite. I love the messages. Whenever I’m feeling an uncomfortable emotion or an urge/craving, I can find a specific message that seems tailored to my situation.”

  1. Sober Time – Sobriety Counter
NichePlatform(s)PriceRating (Stars/Total Reviewers)
GeneraliPhone and AndroidFree (in-app purchases)4.8 (22) / 4.7 (23.5K)

With one of the cleanest and user-friendly interfaces, Sober Time is an aesthetically pleasing sobriety counter with thousands of members. The message boards are active and contain the stories of others with similar journeys. Feel free to ask other users questions and discuss what it is like to live sobriety.

As a personal sober companion app, you can receive daily motivational messages and track the money you have saved by abstaining from substances. You can even follow your sobriety down to the second. 

Though the basic functions are available for free, there are in-app purchases for special features, such as home page widgets, custom fonts, and ad removal.

From the reviews:

“The app has an amazing community of other users who are just like each of us; very friendly and wishing everybody the best. There is good information, positive reinforcement, and honest answers to questions I often have. The app is easy to use, clean to look at, and simple to customize. I have tried other apps as well, but this one is by far the best, and was even worth the optional payment for additional features.”

  1. BetterHelp – Online Counseling
NichePlatform(s)PriceRating (Stars/Total Reviewers)
TherapyiPhone and AndroidFree (to download)4.7 (18.9K) / 4.7 (23.5K)

While not directly focused on addiction recovery, BetterHelp provides a valuable tool for recovering addicts: on-demand therapy at a reasonable price. As the largest online counseling platform globally, BetterHelp allows access to over 10,000 educated and licensed therapists who are trained, experienced, and accredited.

For $60 to $80 per week (billed upfront, monthly), you can schedule one on one sessions with a counselor over voice or video. Each user is matched with a counselor who has the necessary background and skill set to fit their specific needs. You also gain access to a private chat room where you can exchange messages with your counselor.

According to a study conducted by the Berkeley Well-Being Institute, BetterHelp is comparably effective compared to typical face-to-face therapy. Ninety-eight percent of users make significant progress, and 70 percent of users report reduced depression symptoms.

The price of convenience is a small detraction of benefits, as providers cannot provide official diagnosis or prescribe medications. However, for someone who simply needs someone to help them work through the emotional challenges of withdrawal and recovery, BetterHelp is a suitable therapeutic option.

From the reviews:

“BetterHelp is an amazing app that I am so grateful to have found. Even if I get better insurance in the future, I will likely stick with this form of therapy. It’s convenient – I can schedule my own appointments from the app and don’t have to worry about getting there on time or traveling far. I can do it all from the comfort of my home, or wherever I want. The price is affordable, and my biggest worry about not being able to connect was totally wrong. I feel very connected. They named this company right. I am getting Better Help!”


If one app fails to work, it can be a discouraging experience that may push you to give up. Instead, think of it as a small setback and an opportunity to find insight into your needs. Each application comes with a unique set of tools powered by the perspective of its creator. You may even find that a combination of apps is necessary to cover everything you are looking for.

Especially when you may be too busy to attend a regular meeting, addiction recovery apps are a convenient and reliable supplemental tool for your personal journey. Though they should never be used as a replacement for rehab programs or therapy, they can serve as an additional support system whenever you need it.

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