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At Steps Recovery Centers we understand that alcohol addiction affects individuals just as frequently as illegal substances. Due to the social acceptance of alcohol use,  many individuals and their families may not understand or identify early warning signs and behaviors that may indicate future alcohol addiction. 

Identifying Alcohol Addiction

If you have questions about alcoholism and which behaviors to look for,  you are not alone. Guidelines for “normal” drinking vary across different information sources.


If you have concerns, reach out!

If observed patterns, behaviors, or a gut feeling indicates that a loved one or yourself may have an issue regarding alcohol addiction, it is important to reach out to a medical professional, treatment center, or hospital.

Unhealthy alcohol use and alcohol related detox symptoms can start quickly and progress rapidly.

Because alcohol withdrawal can potentially be fatal, and due to the fact that symptoms, amount used, frequency used, and personal tolerance is so different between even seemingly similar individuals.
We strongly recommend that individuals should immediately reach out if they have concerns about someone’s alcohol consumption patterns, or current alcohol use.Steps Recovery Centers has staff available 24/7 to answer your questions regarding alcohol addiction.

A Dynamic Approach to Treatment

Alcohol abuse is often used as a replacement for common coping skills.  Individuals who default to  alcohol as a method of unhealthy coping, must replace this with a healthy alternative. Through our dynamic approach to implement as many therapeutic modalities as possible, we aim to educate and guide clients on healthy coping skills that if practiced, will free the body, mind, and spirit from addiction.

Equally important to the treatment of the person experiencing addiction is the work Steps Recovery Centers does to help families and individuals grasp the root of the problem and empathize with their loved ones. 

We Understand Addiction

Every individual on the Steps Recovery Admissions Team has personally struggled with addiction and are in long term recovery.

  • We understand what you or your loved ones are going through.
  • We understand that it can feel overwhelming when looking at options for a  loved one, or if you are personally seeking help.
  • We understand that and that finding the right facility involves financial and emotional decisions.

Any representative of our admissions team will take the time to listen to your unique situation, provide options, and answer any questions that you or your loved one have about treatment, rehabilitation, and potential obstacles.

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