Four Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Does this sound familiar?

Your loved one drinks alcohol, but you have started to ask yourself, “Are they drinking too much?”

You do not want to accuse them of being an alcoholic, but alcohol can be abused. Your loved one may need help.

Here are four signs of alcohol abuse:

You are worried.

This is the first sign and it’s what led you to look into more signs of alcohol abuse. You get gut feelings for a reason. Whether it’s your mother or your best friend, you know them well enough to detect when things may be getting out of hand. That is why simply being worried is a sign that your loved one may be abusing alcohol.

Drinking occurs just for the sake of drinking.

When adults start to drink outside of common social situations, this may be a sign of alcohol abuse. Of course, there will be parties and social activities where drinking takes place, but drinking outside of these situations may be a bad sign. If your loved one is drinking frequently, just because they can, this can be a problem.

Alcohol has become a frequent stress reliever.

Alcohol can be used to lighten the mood, but if it is used often to relieve stress, boredom or other issues, this may be abuse. If your loved one suffered a major loss and drinking has severely increased, your loved one may be abusing alcohol. Alcohol is not a solution, and it should not be used as such.

Drinking has overpowered life.

If drinking has caused a neglect of responsibilities, or an overpowering of life, it could be abuse. Alcohol can cause negative problems such as stress on relationships, reckless behavior, and even loss of a job. It can also create health problems and endanger lives, especially if drinking occurs while driving. If this has happened to your loved one, or if any of these symptoms or problems occur due to the use of alcohol, you should seek out help.

Alcohol abuse is a dangerous thing, and can even be an addiction. At Steps Recovery Centers, we know how to detect alcohol abuse, but even better, we know how to get back from it and prevent future dependence.

Read more about our alcohol treatment here.

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