Finding Motivation Through the Newest Streaming Service 

December 10, 2019

The launch of Disney+ has brought excitement and nostalgia to homes this month. The platform collects both new releases and the older generations and classic shows and movies from Disney and affiliates 21st Century Fox, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel. 

Enjoying entertainment isn’t just for the little ones, either.

Spending time with family, taking time to rest (including time with no obligations), and seeing positive messages can boost spirits, especially when stress and busy schedules can make staying in recovery more strenuous. 

Make time to be present in the moment and watch something new or revisit an old favorite.

If you’re looking for family-friendly entertainment that can also provide some recovery inspiration, check these out: 

Bolster your inner superhero: 

From the Marvel squad to the Star Wars universe, there is no shortage of action-packed stories to take in. 

Get a reminder from the wise Yoda that “The force will be with you. Always” in A New Hope and remember that the power to recover is within you, even when times are hard. 

Or, tap into your mythological spirit and take a note from Thor:Ragnarok when Thor proudly states “I choose to run towards my problems and not away from them. Because that’s what heroes do.”

While you may not be saving humankind or going into an intergalactic battle, you are taking on a war of your own, continuing to face addiction and build a life in recovery.

Get in touch with your emotions

Central to many of the models used in treatment, like cognitive and behavioral therapy, is that understanding and expressing our emotions is important.

The animation gurus at Pixar have created a way to visualize how all these feelings work together in the brain in the film Inside Out.

We follow young Riley on a big life change and her struggle to handle big feelings, plus keep her family happy, and see that our mental health is complex.

Without spoiling the movie, it becomes clear that not only does seeking support and talking about our emotions help, we also need the full spectrum of feelings – yes, even the “negative” ones like sadness and anger – to have a full life.

It’s okay to have times when you want to cry or yell. Learning to acknowledge and adaptively cope with those ups-and-downs helps us.

Take a moment to think after the movie – which emotion character do you think would be the leader of the board in your brain? What can you relate to what you know about emotions and apply in your own life?

Consider bringing up your thoughts in your next therapy session!

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes 

Part of addiction recovery is seeing how your behavior impacts others and attempting to better see things from other points of view and perspectives. 

Take the mother-daughter duo of the remake Freaky Friday. A topsy-turvy adventure where the women switch bodies and have to live one another’s lives is an eye-opening lesson for both of them.

While we won’t ever fully understand another person’s experiences, we can use empathy and compassion to remember their needs and feelings. We can also use this as a reminder that people can’t know what we think or feel unless we communicate. Because unlike in this film, we can’t jump into someone’s mind to find out.

Teamwork makes the dream work 

Athletes connect to the importance of working as a collective towards a common goal, even in the face of adversity. From Miracle to Invincible to Remember the Titans, there is no shortage of inspirational sports reels to play.

The football team in Remember the Titans brings together people who come from different backgrounds and have their unique struggles. How do they bond and build relationships despite these divisions and differentiations? 

Your interact with all types of people. Even in treatment, you may find that you connect with others who were unlike you on the surface, but underneath share similar hardships. 

Without the support of others, we cannot be our best selves and meet our goals. Recovery is rooted in connection and rebuilding relationships. At times this means addressing the hard topics and feelings between us, but as these movies show us, there is success in working through the tough stuff to achieve together.

Sheer awe and pure motivation

From time to time, our recovery motivation will dwindle or fail. The push to stay the path, despite temptations or hurdles, can feel heavy. 

When you need an uplifting and passionate signal to keep on keeping on, scroll to documentary Free Solo, which follows the quest of a rock climber to scale the heights of El Capitan on his own, with no ropes. Naturally, this comes with a “do not attempt at home” message, but some thrilling moments, a show of determination to fight through, and gorgeous scenery. 

If you need a less nerve-wracking watch, go for the classic Annie. Yes, it’s a musical, but how can you beat the underdog story? While we may not always get a perfect happy ending, making the best of situations and keeping a hopeful spirit can help us look and move forward. The little orphan accepts that at times she’s got a hard knock life but tries to remember that the sun will come out tomorrow.

It can feel like a climb or a test to get above addiction, but determination and affirmations will see you through. Even if the day has been challenging, there is another chance to try again tomorrow.

Support, communication, motivation – you need them all in recovery from addiction. No matter the step of the journey, finding entertainment and inspiration to continue to thrive in a life free of substance is essential. At Steps Recovery Centers, we are always here for you. Call today to check-in and learn how we can continue to be part of your ongoing story: 385-250-1701.

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