6 Common Challenges People Face in Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery Challenges
November 10, 2021

The process of successfully completing a rehab treatment program and returning to your everyday life comes with several challenges. The fear of these challenges may hold you back from enrolling yourself or your loved one in a rehab center. However, knowing some common challenges you may face in addiction recovery will give a clear picture of life in recovery. You will also learn how your rehab program will help you overcome these challenges.

Following are some common challenges people face in addiction recovery:

  1. Developing new coping strategiesGetting sober is about stopping the consumption of drugs and alcohol and creating a new lifestyle that does not hamper your recovery. For this, you will have to formulate new coping strategies to manage stress and deal with your anxiety and cravings. It will also help you establish a new sense of normalcy. Though this can be time-consuming and challenging, it will surely be worth the effort. You can take the help of professionals to identify your harmful behaviors and modify them.
  2. Addressing shame and trauma without drugs and alcohol- You may again start to abuse drugs and alcohol to deal with trauma and shame. However, confronting these problems and addressing your underlying issues without the help of addictive substances requires a lot of time, effort, and bravery. You should seek the help of counselors and therapists in rehab to facilitate your personal growth.
  3. Building strong relationships and repairing old ones- Having strong relationships and social networks that provide support, love, friendship, and hope are important to smoothen the road to addiction recovery. Rehab centers will challenge you to build new relationships and communicate in a healthy way. You will also learn how to make amends with people you have hurt in the past. It will allow you to be free from your old addiction life and embrace your new life.
  4. Boredom- While in treatment, you will follow a fixed daily schedule involving support group meetings, meals, exercise, and leisure time. After returning from rehab, you may get bored, which may persuade you to return to drugs or alcohol. You must learn how to productively spend your time in other ways, like meditating, playing sports, working, or reading. 
  5. Relapse- One of the biggest challenges you may face post-rehab is relapse. Cravings, anxiety, stress, and old acquaintances can push you again towards addiction. Rehab centers can help you with this by enhancing your life skills and modifying your unhealthy behaviors. They can help you stay firmly rooted in your sobriety. Even if you have a relapse, your mentors and support system of peers will help you get back on track quickly.
  6. Finding your home- After rehab, you may experience a lack of purpose in your life. You may also find it difficult to live a life that does not involve consumption of drugs and alcohol. You can overcome this problem by developing new hobbies and interests like yoga, music, art, and meditation.

About Steps Recovery Centers

You are most likely to face the above-mentioned challenges in addiction recovery. However, with the proper guidance and help from therapists and counselors at Steps Recovery Centers, you can easily overcome them. We are a rehab and recovery center specializing in the treatment of substance use disorders. Known for our effective treatment programs and qualified staff, you can rely on us as the most suitable partner in your addiction recovery. For more information about us, contact us at 801-800-8142.

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