Choose Rehab Over Prison

July 27, 2016

With any form of addiction, there comes a time when you may be close to entering prison. You may be breaking laws and pushing boundaries you normally wouldn’t. Addiction has changed who you are as a citizen, a citizen of your town and your country. More importantly, it has changed you from a good person, to someone who struggles to see the good.

You can be inherently good, but if you are not careful, changes caused by addiction can lead to trouble and lead you on the path to prison.

You can find yourself incarcerated, perhaps without the help you need.

Many people who spend time in any sort of detention facility begin a cycle of reabuse. After time in prison, you may find yourself addicted again once you get out. It is a terrible cycle.

This is why you need to choose rehab over prison. You need to take the steps needed to recover right now, rather than ending up in a jail cell where the help you need is so much farther away.

If you procrastinate, you will cross more lines. No one wants to be in prison, but it will be especially be detrimental to those facing addictions.

You can choose to break your chains.

Addiction is a prison. You are trapped by your attachments to drugs and/or alcohol.

Don’t be. Go to rehab and find your freedom.

Rehab may seem like a prison of it’s own, but it’s not. It’s a place that can give you freedom from addiction. Rehab can help you break chains that wouldn’t be able to break on your own.

You may be under an illusion of happiness.

Heather King was under an illusion. She has written memoirs, blogs, and essays, but also said something very powerful about alcoholism. She said, “I once heard a sober alcoholic say that drinking never made him happy, but it made him feel like he was going to be happy in about fifteen minutes. That was exactly it, and I couldn’t understand why the happiness never came, couldn’t see the flaw in my thinking, couldn’t see that alcohol kept me trapped in a world of illusion, procrastination, paralysis. I lived always in the future, never in the present. Next time, next time! Next time I drank it would be different, next time it would make me feel good again. And all my efforts were doomed, because already drinking hadn’t made me feel good in years.”


Live today. Choose now. Escape your trap.

Choose rehab over prison. Visit one of our drug rehabs in Utah to begin your journey to a healthy and free life. You can call our friendly staff any time at 801-465-5111.

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