Alcoholism: 5 Facts That Might Surprise You

March 22, 2022

You may yourself be struggling with alcohol issues or know a loved one who consumes alcohol consistently. And therefore, you might already know that alcoholism is very dangerous. However, there are many things that you may not know about the problem and have some incorrect preconceived notions in your mind. You may believe that only an unemployed person can become an alcoholic or that teenage drinking is not related to alcoholism.

Below we have listed five facts about alcoholism that might surprise you.

1. Alcoholism can strike anyone, anywhere- You may have your preconceived notions about what alcoholism looks like. You must have envisioned an alcoholic as a disheveled person who seems to drink out of a bag, cannot hold down a job, and has no purpose in life. However, you might be completely wrong, as some alcoholics will appear to have their lives together. They may be making a lot of money, living a fancy lifestyle, and have loving families at home.

So, anyone can be an alcoholic despite the stereotype that exists in society. No one is immune to this addiction.

2. You can die from alcohol addiction withdrawal- For people struggling with alcoholism, nothing is better than consuming alcohol. They might have started drinking by choice and may have believed that they can stop anytime they want. However, it is actually not that simple. The cravings and the fear of withdrawal symptoms make it very challenging to quit alcohol.

Alcoholics may also experience delirium tremens (DTs)- a condition that can occur when you stop drinking. And if it isn’t treated, it can lead to deadly results. They may also experience confusion, seizures, hallucinations, and other complications. Therefore, it’s important to start alcohol addiction recovery in a professional and supportive rehab center.

3. Regular binge drinking does not make you an alcoholic- Binge drinking is quite popular, especially among college students in the US. They may regularly binge drink on the weekends, but not drink at all the rest of the time. It may not necessarily lead to alcoholism. However, with some people, it may certainly result in alcohol addiction. Remember indulging in binge drinking is not safe as it can lead to fatal accidents.

4. Drinking too much can kill you- You must already know the medical problems resulting from over-drinking. It can lead to liver diseases like cirrhosis which can be fatal. However, alcohol can lead to your death in the short term too.

Acute alcohol toxicity, also known as alcohol overdose or alcohol poisoning, is a deadly condition. It occurs when you drink too fast or too much.

5. Teenagers can become alcoholics, too- Many teens go through an excessive drinking phase, and parents often assume that this phase will soon pass. However, it does not take much time for them to become alcohol addicts. Their brains quickly adjust to alcohol consumption so that it becomes the norm. Most children who indulge in excessive underage drinking become alcoholics by the time they are adults.

About Steps Recovery Centers

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