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After Addiction, Don’t Turn Back

After Addiction, Don’t Turn Back

We want to speak to recovered addicts today. Whether you came to us at a Steps Recovery Centers, went somewhere else, or did it on your own, you conquered addiction.

What comes next is up to you. You can make a new life out of your recovery. You can be a new you. You may have to get a new job, a new place to live, even new friends. Your life may be totally different.

Or, your life may be exactly the same. However, this can be where the trouble arises. If your life is just the same after you have recovered from addiction, you may be putting yourself in the same position to get addicted again. Granted, all circumstances are different, and sometimes it’s not necessarily the life you were in, but the choices you made that led to addiction.

Whatever it is though, don’t turn back. If a habit of thinking led you to addiction, don’t let yourself think that way. If a group of friends challenged you to get high, you may need to say your farewells to that group of friends. It’s much easier said than done to not turn back, but it’s extremely necessary for a lifetime of recovery.

You can’t allow yourself to be in a position where you may be attempted to fall into your temptations of addiction. You cannot turn back physically, mentally, emotionally. You cannot turn back period. Look forward. Think of the lessons that you learned, but do not consider going back to where it hurt so much. Take steps in the direction of a sober future. Be happy. Face forward.