6 Best Addiction Recovery Podcasts for Your Sobriety

April 8, 2019

When you’re recovering from an addiction, you need to build healthy new habits and daily routines. You need activities that make you happy, inspire you, encourage you and connect you to other people. To make sure that you continue to do them, pick activities that are simple and accessible, such as hiking or journaling.

Addiction recovery podcasts can provide all this and more. They can add stories, lessons, and hope to your daily routine. If you subscribe to one or more of the podcasts below, new episodes will appear on your smartphone whenever a podcast is updated, and you can be inspired wherever you are.


You can also find a social media page for some of these podcasts in order to connect with people like you.

Sober Speak

Sober Speak is one of the best addiction recovery podcasts: real people in it talk about using the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Their hope-filled stories will encourage you to stick to your recovery and create your own story you can share. This recovery podcast can bridge the gap if you miss a meeting or don’t even have a group, or it can give you a wider variety of stories and ideas to encourage you between meetings. Some listener reviews stated that the guests were amazing, funny, and honest.

That Sober Guy

That Sober Guy is one of the greatest sobriety podcasts because it includes interviews both with non-famous people and with famous people, such as athletes, musicians, pastors, and others. They share their stories of transitioning from addiction and substance abuse to a life of sobriety and health. Shane Ramer, the host, has been sober for more than five years himself and has a no-nonsense style that is aimed at adults. From hundreds of episodes, you can find lessons about dealing with anger and shame, building self-discipline and honesty, and much more. This podcast has more than 100 five-star reviews.

The Bubble Hour

One of the unique strengths of this recovery podcast is that the hosts usually interview women, including moms, life coaches, authors, groups of women, and others. The podcast helps listeners to not feel ashamed about the fact that they have an addiction, so they can reach out for help. Some guests are in recovery, and some have expert advice, such as how to get through the holidays, survive the beginning of sobriety, recognize the thoughts that lead to addiction, and more. Listeners write that they love to hear women being so open about sobriety.


If you like hearing interviews with people from the entertainment industry while learning vital lessons about addiction and recovery, check out AfterPartyPod. It’s one of the only sobriety podcasts where you could hear Moby one week and Dr. Drew the next. Some of the guests are really funny, and they can teach you new ideas about mental health, therapy, trauma, science, spirituality, and more. This podcast is associated with AfterParty Magazine, which offers even more stories and ideas about recovery from people working in entertainment.

Recovery Radio Network

This podcast posts recording of motivational speakers and workshops from Alcoholics Anonymous events. You can find messages filled with unchanging principles that you can use for your own recovery and for supporting others. You can also learn more about twelve step programs in general if you’re still deciding if they’re for you. Most of the recordings are from the last 20 years, but some of them are from earlier, even from the 1950s. The companion blog at RecoveryRadio.net posts information about the latest addiction recovery research.

Sober Life Coach

This podcast may speak to you if you’re a young adult, with guests that include a pro skateboarder, a rapper, a clothing brand owner, a TV personality, and others. Reviews from listeners state that the two co-hosts are authentic and vulnerable and that they express valuable and relevant messages. They and the guests talk about getting sober young, becoming successful in life, overcoming problems, and other current issues. Best of all, the hosts don’t talk in a fake way. They talk like real people as they interview guests, share their own stories, and rant about recovery and addiction.


You can learn much more about how to recover from drug and alcohol addiction from Steps Recovery Centers.

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