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Steps Recovery Center recognizes how vital the mind, body, and spirit are in their connection to the whole person. We take a holistic approach to treating those with opiate drug addiction and relatable disorders that may contribute to their substance abuse; this includes treating the whole person, and find that it tends to be more successful, especially since addiction affects every aspect of a person’s life. With a customized and individualized program, a holistic approach just makes sense. It affords an opportunity to meet the patient’s physical and psychological needs and allows them to engage physically, emotionally, and mentally.

What is Marijuana Addiction?

Marijuana addiction is when someone who uses the drug on a long-term basis becomes dependent on it to get the same good feeling or high they had in the beginning. The brain alters itself to accommodate the plant and shuts down its dopamine chemicals; therefore, uncomfortable withdrawal occurs when someone stops the drug. 

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

This can set up a vicious cycle of wanting to quit but unable to, due to the symptoms of withdrawal and the intense cravings the brain emits.

Although marijuana has been legalized in several states, there is still a concern that the THC psychoactive chemical in the drug leads to addiction. Plus, it is still illegal on a federal level.

Dangers of Marijuana

Many adverse effects are associated with marijuana abuse. In smaller doses and for medical and psychiatric reasons, the effects can be minimized. These harmful effects include:

  • Problems with concentration and problem-solving
  • Impaired memory
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Psychotic effects like delusions and hallucinations
  • Addiction
  • Dependence and withdrawal symptoms
  • Severe nausea and vomiting
  • Lung inflammation, infection, and chronic pulmonary issues
  • Heart attack

Research states that between 9% and 30% of individuals who abuse marijuana can develop a marijuana addiction.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment Program

Utilizing outpatient or inpatient care programs for addicted individuals is the best chance of a successful outcome. What these programs look like depends on the person and the severity of the addiction. For those who have a serious addiction, a residential treatment center can give them intensive therapy with 24/7 supervision and medical and mental care.

Treatment programs can include various techniques, tools, and methods for helping people overcome their marijuana addiction. These programs involve counseling, nutrition, therapy, exercise, and more, tailored to the individual’s needs and comfort level.

The treatment process usually begins with an intake evaluation that is used to create a customized treatment plan. Detox follows that, with therapy situated to the individual’s situation. Specialized care is given to address the physical, emotional, and mental health needs discovered. Following treatment, aftercare planning begins, to ensure prevention of relapse and the implementation of techniques and tools taught in rehab.

A treatment program may include yoga, meditation, mindfulness, reiki, exercise, work, structured days, journaling, counseling, and more.

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