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In the beginning stages of addiction; substances replace healthy coping mechanisms one by one, rapidly becoming the sole provider of comfort and relief.

Substance use, hijacks the brain this way. Continued use can alter the way the brain processes, stores, and recalls information. 

Therapy, meditation, support from loved ones, and willingness are core components when beginning treatment for addiction. These approaches are  essential when retraining the brain and learning how to live life  free of addiction.

12-Step Process for Alcohol/Drug Addiction Treatment Utah

As one of the most trusted drug rehab centers in Utah, Steps Recovery Centers is dedicated to providing help  and education to individuals seeking help for substance abuse, mental health issues, and co-occuring disorders.

The twelve steps that we adapt from AA is used as a roadmap in identifying the underlying issues for each individual, It enables clients to identify and begin to implement a spiritual attitude of surrender.

The 12 step work is tailored to work in a treatment setting, using group therapy to go over the work completed in place of a sponsor,  it is one of the myriad methods of treatment and therapeutic modalities we introduce in order to find what is most effective for each client.

Tailored Program for Every Need

We have a team of professionals and counselors that will help you or your loved one evaluate the right type of alcohol or drug treatment needed to fit your unique situation.

We know that each person’s coping mechanisms and triggers are different, which is why we do our best to tailor a program that will ensure recovery.

We are certified by the Joint Commission National Quality Association.

Steps Recovery Centers provides care and support for mental health, substance abuse, and co occurring issues.

Our Clinicians are credentialed to work with clients to resolve trauma, grief, and loss. and will be meeting with clients individually at least twice per week.

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