Can Positivity Be Toxic?

Learning the difference between encouragement and invalidation There is power in positive thinking, but can the expectation of sunny thoughts cause more harm than good? The key is in the word choice and truthfulness, both from our inner voice and from the comments of those around us. Colloquially known as “toxic positivity”, a mindset that […]

Why is Suicide So Prevalent in Young People?

  If you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).  Among the mental and emotional health issues affecting children and young adults, suicidal thoughts, impulses, behaviors, and attempts are debilitating and painful to cope with. When a life ends in suicide, families, friends, and loved ones are left […]

Practicing Cognitive Flexibility to Transform your Thoughts

Practicing Cognitive Flexibility to Transform your Thoughts Cognitive flexibility is considered one of our executive functions. Researchers from the University of British Columbia Department of Psychiatry summed it up as: “Changing perspectives or approaches to a problem, flexibly adjusting to new demands, rules or priorities”   Thus, you can imagine it is an important skill in choosing […]

A New Report Shows Decline in Substance Use and Mental Health Insurance Coverage

Key points from the research and what it means for you. A Milliman report released this week, initially commissioned by the Mental Health Treatment and Research Institute, shone a bright light on the concerns regarding insurance coverage for mental health and substance abuse. The findings point to a decline in the benefits for behavioral health […]

More than Movember: We Need to Talk More About Men’s Mental Health  

A National awareness month for all things Men’s health, named Movember in a nod to mustache-sporting advocates, is coming to a close.  The yearly campaign has expanded since the conception in 2003, initially created to raise money for prostate cancer foundations and using the mustache as a symbol and conversation piece. While most efforts focus on […]

What’s in a Diagnosis?

What’s in a Diagnosis? At the start of the journey of addiction recovery, a first step often includes formal diagnosis from a medical professional. Here are a few key things to keep in mind about diagnoses: Why are diagnoses used? For one, it’s helpful to use criteria to group symptoms together and get a better […]

Understanding the Connection Between Bipolar and Addiction

Understanding the Connection Between Bipolar and Addiction One of Amazon Prime’s newest projects is a min-series depiction of a collection of personal essays from the New York Times column “Modern Love”. With a star-studded cast and popularity from a previous publication of a book of fan favorites, the show quickly buzzed as one of the season’s biggest […]