What Addiction Is and Is Not

We decided to keep things simple today. Addiction is summarized as a whole lot of things. There are stigmas, triggers, and people who ultimately deny the fact that it can happen to anyone. Addiction is there though, and many of us deal with it ourselves or with loved ones close to us. As a result, it is important that we understand what addiction is, and what addiction is not.

Addiction is defeatable.

Addiction is harmful to yourself.

Addiction is harmful to your family.

Addiction is harmful to your life.

Addiction is something that makes you crave damaging substances.

Addiction is a brain disease.

Addiction is caused by many things. It can come as a result of physical or mental pain.

Addiction is not a weakness. It can happen to anyone.

Addiction is not something that has to ruin your life.

Addiction is not undefeatable.

Addiction is not, does not have to be terminal. You do not have to let it tear you down to your last degree.

Addiction is not something you should fight against on your own. Get the support you need. At Steps Recovery Centers, we give that support. We provide the understanding you need to know what addiction is and isn’t, so that you can get to recovery and be sober again.

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