The 22 Most Helpful Addiction Recovery Blogs

An essential aspect of recovery is dispelling the notion of isolation. A real sense of human connection is one of the most powerful forces in helping recovering addicts deal with the inevitable challenges of staving off addiction and adhering to a life of sobriety. Addiction recovery blogs are a support tool that can be utilized to achieve such a connection.

While useful, some online addiction resources lack the human element that can motivate and inspire someone to change their life. Often embracing a personal narrative, addiction blogs offer unique insights into the struggles of addiction and the beauty of sobriety that can help others who walk the path of recovery.

How Reading a Blog Help You with Recovery

On the surface, recovery blogs provide information about fighting addiction and embracing sobriety from the mouths of those who have lived through it themselves. There is undoubtedly added comfort, knowing that the words you read are from someone who understands what you are going through on a fundamental level. That takes what someone is saying from honest advice to words of wisdom.

When you probe deeper, recovery blogs can show you one of the most essential aspects of recovery: you are not alone. As one of the primary relapse triggers, feelings of pervasive loneliness can encourage bad habits. It is essential to understand that even when you are physically by yourself, you are not alone. 

Here are some of the ways that reading a recovery blog can help you:

  • Read about struggles that are similar to yours and how people have overcome them.
  • Inspire self-reflection as you relate your own experiences to those of others.
  • Learn about alternative resources or lesser-known ones.
  • Find motivation in the success stories of others.
  • Draw from the experiences of others for tactics that do and do not work when facing temptation.
  • See the potential and beauty of sober life for yourself.
  • Attain irrefutable proof that addiction recovery is possible, despite the challenge.

An article from Psychology Today suggests that addiction is a social disorder, not a substance disorder. The author goes as far as to infer that the opposite of addiction is actually connection. By building up our ability to connect with others, we can offset the urge to answer challenges with substances. Blog writing is an excellent way to establish a sort of reconnection with society, as the struggles of sobriety become part of a collective effort and universal experience.

What Makes an Addiction Recovery Blog Helpful?

There are many moving accounts from the voices of individuals who are brave enough to share their vulnerabilities and struggles with the rest of the world. In truth, it is challenging to pick out just a handful of recovery blogs when there are so many important and beautiful voices to be heard.

To make the list, we looked at a few factors that we felt were essential in helping recovering addicts:

  1. Regular or frequent entries, with posts within the last year
  2. Consistent insight on issues related to addiction and recovery
  3. Passionate and genuine writers who open a window to the world of sobriety
  4. Features of other similar projects related to addiction recovery, such as magazines and podcasts
  5. Unique themes and perspectives that fill a niche related to recovery

22 Helpful Addiction Recovery Blogs

Without further ado, below are 22 recovery blogs to pique your interest and help you along your recovery journey.  

  1. This Naked Mind

This Naked Mind is a comprehensive and far-reaching blog stuffed with informational and inspiring content. Along with practical advice and recovery stories, you can find articles based on scientific theory and discovery. 

The main website also provides links to additional resources, free programs such as web classes, books, and podcasts. As a full experience, This Naked Mind is one of the most complete and well-maintained addiction recovery websites available, with anywhere from 10 to 15 posts a month.

Touching upon topics such as relationships, moderation, cravings, triggers, and sobriety benefits, there’s a little bit of everything and, therefore, something for everyone. The content is also exceptionally inclusive, appealing to individuals in recovery, as well as people who are merely thinking about minimizing their substance use. 

  1. The Fix

As far as blogs go, The Fix is not the most personal, though it is one of the most professional. The site is a comprehensive website dedicated to everything addiction and recovery related, offering rehab reviews and practical guides for addicts seeking recovery.

The blog itself is regularly maintained, typically featuring 3 to 4 posts, monthly. Content-wise, it’s a goldmine of relevant and useful information. It covers a variety of recovery topics, such as self-care, health, support, alternatives, freedom, rapid detox, treatment, options, aftercare, and more. 

You’ll find entries on everything from celebrating holidays sober to relationship rebuilding. If you have a question about recovery, it’s likely there’s a blog post that can give you the answer. Furthermore, The Fix is one of the few blogs that address many different types of addiction.

   2.She Recovers

The She Recovers blog is provided by the non-profit public charity of the same name, which consists of more than 325,000 women involved in the recovery process. The organization focuses on connecting women virtually to provide resources and support to those in or seeking recovery, while also promoting research for the efficacy of non-traditional treatment paths.

The blog consists of focused entries that speak directly to women that struggle with addiction. The writers cover a broad range of reflective and informational topics. For example, “Dear Women in Twelve Step Programs” is an insightful and thought-provoking piece that looks critically at the way we treat recovery and how it can be improved.

The main site also provides access to additional resources, such as a podcast, an online community and coaching service, and a calendar of events.

   3.A Hangover Free Life

According to the author of A Hangover Free Life, her blog serves as a place for her thoughts and a method of sober social accountability. Luckily for us, it seems she has an abundance of thoughts, regularly posting educational and creative entries. 

The blog also serves as a sort of scrapbook for news and helpful information related to addiction and recovery. A conglomerate of pictures with inspirational quotes, YouTube videos, research studies, and advice articles make her blog vivacious and full of variety.  

As a public health nurse, Louise Rowlinson offers a well-rounded experience that is both enlightening and interesting. If you enjoy her blog, you can also read her entirely free e-book. Along with being informative, the e-book contains a 4-step planner that guides recovering addicts in planning out their path to sobriety. 

   4.Walking in Sober Boots

From the first entry, it’s evident that Damien is a gifted writer and storyteller. He’s open and honest about his struggles with sober life, and his entries are remarkably engaging. Sometimes, it feels like you are experiencing them yourself.  

Walking in Sober Boots doesn’t exaggerate the greatness of sober life or shy away from the tough moments. It’s honest and provoking, without being depressing. Instead, it’s realistically inspiring. He doesn’t pretend to be cured, but he does showcase his resilience and prevalence over alcohol. 

By understanding Damien’s struggles and seeing how he works through them, the fact that he triumphs in the face of challenges is all the more powerful. He talks about the bad days along with the good days, and readers can learn a lot from his attempts with coping strategies.

Damien also regularly interacts with his readers, responding to comments and answering questions. In our opinion, Walking in Sober Boots is a hidden gem among addiction recovery blogs. 

   5.The Unruffled

The Unruffled is the personal blog of Sondra and features a combination of art, self-reflection, and words of wisdom. Sondra has a conversational and insightful tone that is easy to read and encourages mindfulness. Blog entries are interesting and engaging and tackle problems that many recovering addicts will experience at some point or another.

In conjunction with the blog, Sondra hosts a weekly podcast that explores topics focused on creativity in relation to recovery. She also offers a self-run mentoring program and newsletter to help addicts in recovery. 

In the words of Sondra, addiction leaves a void that needs filling. If you’re looking for a little imagination and thoughtfulness, The Unruffled could be a uniquely inspiring read.

  6.Life Straight Up!

Life Straight Up! is all about seeing the beauty in a life lived sober. Author Julie is a recovering alcoholic who brings a quirky and lively touch to the often dark world of addiction and recovery. Follow her adventures with food, travel, family, and health to learn about just how beautiful and vibrant life can be when you reject the substances that try to bring you down.

Along with snapshots from Julie’s life, are posts that provide tips for leading a sober life. Examples include “Tips to Enjoy a Sober Christmas” and “5 Reasons to Take a Cruise – For Sober Travelers.”

The blog also contains a section that features the alcoholism or addiction recovery stories of readers. As the ultimate source of inspiration, these blog entries from people with all kinds of backgrounds and stories are seriously the pick-me-up you need if you ever feel like giving up.

  7.Tired of Thinking About Drinking

Tired of Thinking About Drinking is not a traditional blog. Its entries are not typically topic-based, organized, or focused. It’s informal and doesn’t try to force ideas down your throat or be something it’s not. The blog works in conjunction with the 100 Day Sober Challenge, which encourages and supports readers during their recovery.

The author of the blog is 53-year-old Belle, who lives in Europe and is going on eight years sober. She runs what is effectively a community, sending daily inspirational emails to subscribers and writing one on one to sobriety pen pals through emails. Over seven years, she has worked with over 3,144 people, providing wisdom and support.

Nowadays, the blog features her art, snippets of correspondences with sobriety pen pals, and the occasional thought piece. The focus seems to be on human connection and communication.

The unique approach of the blog is that it often poses questions to the readers and encourages them to reply. It’s incredibly motivational and inspiring to read all the comments on each blog post, where readers note their day of sobriety and document how they’re doing. It’s like reading the personal diary entries of an entire population of people who share the same struggle and aspirations to be sober. 

  8.Recovery Review

Recovery Review is a blog written by recovery-oriented experts with backgrounds in “public policy, research, physician health programs, methadone maintenance, collegiate recovery, urban crisis services, hospital-based mental health, and substance use disorder services, and teach at undergraduate and graduate levels.”

The blog offers a whole different perspective, from the clinical side. Topics of addiction and recovery are explored in a broader sense, looking at their role in the mental health industry, society, and even politics. 

With an intellectual approach, these blog pieces are an excellent source when it comes to understanding addiction and methods of treatment. The entries are fascinating and contain references to interesting studies and evolving ideologies. 

As a blog that illuminates the scientific side of addiction and recovery, it contains a lot of valuable information for anyone involved in the process. If you’re interested in specifically how the treatment of addiction is approached and less about the personal experience, then this will be a satisfying read for you.

  9.Mrs. D Is Going Without

Mrs. D Is Going Without is a highly personal blog that does a fantastic job of documenting the author’s journey. Entries are categorized monthly, with an overarching theme. For instance, Month 1 is called “cravings,” while Month 7 is “acceptance.”

Though there are few recent entries, the organized and detailed monthly documentation is worth reading through. Struggling addicts will find a lot to relate to, and the comments in the archive are nothing short of wholesome.

If you’re interested in a diary-style blog that showcases the rawness of what an addict in recovery experiences, then this is the blog for you.

  10.The Miracle of the Mundane

The Miracle of the Mundane is a recovery blog that focuses on the mundane aspects of ordinary life and why they are beautiful. Author Mark David Goodson has a unique writing style that is easy to read and engaging. With many stand-alone sentences, it’s like reading his thoughts on a timeline, and the effect makes his content genuinely relatable. 

Goodson writes consistently, with a new entry every month or so, so you can rely on new insight. The blog is split into three writing sections: Stories, Poetry, and Reflections. It also features a Community page that showcases other blogs, podcasts, and websites that may be helpful to recovering addicts. 

The blog’s unique approach prompts us to look at and appreciate the little things in life, which are too easily forgotten by addicts and non-addicts alike.

  11.Sober Senorita

Sober Senorita is an incredibly honest and introspective blog that focuses on the experiences of Kelly Fitzgerald Junco. Kelly’s entries tend to be on the longer side, but it’s well worth reading every word. She’s an exceptional storyteller who creates an enchanting narrative beyond relating her reflective thoughts and ideas.

Though the blog doesn’t cover the very beginning of her recovery journey, it provides insight into the continuous, lifetime struggle of addiction. Her experiences are notably relatable for recovering addicts, especially women. 

The blog also features the occasional informative, research-based article that makes for an interesting read. For example, “10 Well-Known People of Color in Recovery” and “10 Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks To Enjoy That Aren’t Mocktails.” Kelly also offers recovery coaching as a Certified Life and Recovery Coach.


As a retired teacher who embraced a life of sobriety, the author of Untipsyteacher showcases the emotional and compassionate side of addiction recovery. The blog focuses on what it’s like to be human and have human experiences.

Wendy speaks directly to her audience, starting each post with, “Dear Readers.” Such a conversational approach is wholesome and refreshing, and it’s clear that Wendy has a great appreciation for her readers.

Posts are accompanied by related images that are interesting, attractive, and enhance the reading experience. As an active blog, one of the most touching aspects is the plethora of comments under each post from encouraging and distinctly supportive readers. 

  13.Veronica Valli

Consisting of only 15 entries to date, the blog of Veronica Valli is short but sweet. With emotionally-accurate descriptions that pull at your heart, Veronica writes openly about the tough experiences that come with dedicated sobriety. 

With an easy to read writing style, Valli offers advice to fellow recovering addicts, while also bringing up insightful thought-pieces that provoke critical thinking about sobriety.

As a qualified psychotherapist, Veronica’s personal blog is proof that addiction doesn’t discriminate. With a list of credentials, Valli also offers online courses and sober services to those in need of a recovery coach. 

  14.Liv’s Recovery Kitchen

Liv’s Recovery Kitchen (LRK) provides a unique perspective in the vast world of addiction recovery blogs. With a narrow focus on physical health as an essential part of the recovery process, Olivia Pennelle documents what a true transformation entails. She also addresses issues of recovery being self-limited when one lacks motivation or empowerment.

Though not a blog in the traditional sense, the LRK website features a collection of articles written by Olivia for other publications. The articles are, of course, related to addiction and health with a variety of diverse topics, such as “Financial Sobriety,” “The Many Surprising Benefits of Walking,” and “How to Date Online if You’re Sober.” 

LRK also features a section for Olivia’s recipes, which she describes as “a collection of wholesome recipes that are not only delicious but provide energy to fuel your recovery and make you feel great.”

  15.The Recovery Revolution

Though currently inactive, there is so much already available on the website that it’s certainly worth looking through. Like a passionate scrapbooking project, The Recovery Revolution’s pages are filled with intriguing stories and images that speak to addiction and sobriety.

The blog features a variety of writers and, hence, many diverse perspectives. The Recovery Revolution offers a raw and unapologetic look into addiction and recovery. Though the blog doesn’t contain recent entries, the creator’s podcast, Since Right Now, is currently running.

  16.Sober Courage

Though written like a personal blog, Sober Courage offers an abundance of information for addicts in recovery. Created by Magz Kunicki, the blog dedicates itself to inspiring sobriety and granting courage.

Magz speaks to a multitude of audiences, including the supporters of addicts in “How To Support Someone After a Relapse,” as well as individuals who are thinking about—but potentially not committed to—sobriety. Some of her articles speak to them directly, such as “Are You Wondering If You Really Have a Drinking Problem?”

Magz’ writing is approachable, conversational, and motivating. If you’re feeling lost, confused, or in need of a pick me up, Sober Courage is an excellent source of all three. The site also contains links to essential outside resources. 

  17.An Addict in Our Son’s Bedroom

An Addict in Our Son’s Bedroom is a touching representation of what it’s like to be the parent of a drug addict. As a touchy subject, approaching such an uncomfortable, yet important topic results in a heartbreaking, fascinating, and illuminating read.

The blog’s content is a raw and riveting account of a parent thrust into the stranglehold of addiction. Sometimes, the stories and accompanying words are devastatingly heartbreaking. Other times, they are uplifting and inspiring. 

All in all, this blog makes for a beautiful and compelling read that stands the test of time. The blog contains important factual information for addicts, but more than that, it gives you a peek into what it’s like for the loved ones who support and cherish recovering addicts.

  18.Last Call

To give back to the community, Last Call’s author writes about maintaining strength and hope in the face of addiction. From journaling to blogging, Nancy Carr provides an account that is raw and honest.

While addiction recovery blogs most commonly address alcohol, Last Call talks about both drugs and alcohol. Though it has a more than a few advice-focused articles such as “5 Tips For Staying Sober Through the Holidays” and “9 Healthy Snacks that Help Reduce Anxiety,” the blog’s greatest offering is a look into Nancy’s circumstances and experiences with addiction and sobriety.  


Started on Jean’s first day of sobriety, Unpickled is a clever and engaging blog that genuinely documents her experiences with addiction and recovery. The blog’s first post is titled, “One Day Sober,” and each post reads like a diary entry, providing a hard look into the mind of a recovering addict.

One of the website’s most interesting elements is Jean’s “Photographic Evidence of Life After Alcohol,” which features a picture and caption format showcasing sobriety. 

Beyond explicit recovery, the blog highlights Jean’s vibrant sober life. Posts are often littered with images and even videos of her adventures. With many years of regular posts, Unpickled provides a rarely rivaled quantity of content for the recovering addict. 

  20.The Sobriety Collective

The Sobriety Collective is a blog dedicated to creatives living a substance-free life. The perk of the Sobriety Collective is that it grants readers access to a variety of perspectives and experiences with recovery. Along with its 68 members, the blog features guest posts on numerous topics.

Though the blog doesn’t have any recent posts (since December 2019), there are plenty of insightful entries in the archives, along with other resources and external links that are helpful for recovering addicts. 

  21.Own Sobriety

A recovering addict turned Recovery Facilitator, Mike III started Own Sobriety during one of his many attempts at sobriety. Maybe starting the blog was the push he needed, since it finally stuck.

Mike III has an informal and conversational style that is easy and endearing to read. Though he primarily posts about the benefits of sober life, Mike III isn’t afraid to talk about the times he’s not doing too hot, either.

Own Sobriety features an interesting and unique split between fighting addiction as an addict and helping others with their recovery journeys. With posts that speak directly and honestly to its readers, the blog is an excellent resource for individuals looking to understand more about the disease and how to persist in times of struggle.

In Conclusion

As you embark on or continue your quest for sobriety, it’s vital that you utilize all the tools at your disposal to stay on the path to recovery. Addiction recovery blogs are a convenient and powerful way to understand the disease and feel less alone. Contained within the pages of these blogs, is copious information, additional resources, and vibrant inspiration that will directly aid your recovery.

Though plentiful, this list is by no means comprehensive. There are many fantastic and uniquely insightful addiction recovery blogs on the web that can help you reconnect with humanity and overcome barriers to sobriety.


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