After Addiction, Don’t Turn Back

We want to speak to recovered addicts today. Whether you came to us at a Steps Recovery Centers, went somewhere else, or did it on your own, you conquered addiction. What comes next is up to you. You can make a new life out of your recovery. You can be a new you. You may […]

What Does Addiction Do To Family?

When one person is going through something, their whole family goes through it with them. This is the same for addiction. When a loved one is struggling with addiction, it’s almost like the whole family has that struggle. Even if family members aren’t close, addiction can be a serious detriment to the family. Addiction is […]

What Are The Obstacles To Addiction Recovery?

Getting over an addiction is a tremendous task, and with that, comes obstacles. No obstacle is too large to overcome addiction, but it’s important to be aware of what you or your loved one may face as they work towards recovery. Addiction is its own obstacle. Addiction means that your body and your mind cannot […]

Journaling Your Way through Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is a different process for everyone. It could be done and over in a matter of weeks, whereas others may require the span of many months to recover. Nonetheless, people learn about themselves when they go through addiction recovery. They learn what really matters to them; what can push them forward in their […]

Choose Rehab Over Prison

With any form of addiction, there comes a time when you may be close to entering prison. You may be breaking laws and pushing boundaries you normally wouldn’t. Addiction has changed who you are as a citizen, a citizen of your town and your country. More importantly, it has changed you from a good person, […]

There is Always Hope

There Is Always Hope For Recovery

If you open our homepage, this is what you will see: There is always hope. At Steps Recovery Centers, we sincerely believe in this. We sincerely believe in you. We know that recovery is possible. We have built multiple, successful facilities around this idea. Addiction does not have to be permanent. It does not have […]