How to Cope When a Loved One Has a Substance Use Disorder

It’s hard having a loved one with a substance use disorder; fear and anger mingle with worry and compassion as your loved one’s substance use seems to get steadily worse. This can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Elsewhere, we’ve looked at how to help a loved one with a substance use […]

How the Seven Principles of Yoga can Guide More Than Just Your Practice

How The Seven Principles Of Yoga Can Guide More Than Just Your Practice

Yoga combines body movement, mental techniques, and emotional awareness into one relaxing, sometimes frustrating, whole-self activity. Many in recovery find the use of yoga a therapeutic source of healing, a way to restore balance and promote rejuvenation. Consider that addiction is disconnection, particularly from one’s own body, mind, and spirit. Reclaiming your relationship with all […]

More than Movember: We Need to Talk More About Men’s Mental Health  

We Need To Talk More About Men’s Mental Health

A National awareness month for all things Men’s health, named Movember in a nod to mustache-sporting advocates, is coming to a close.  The yearly campaign has expanded since the conception in 2003, initially created to raise money for prostate cancer foundations and using the mustache as a symbol and conversation piece. While most efforts focus on […]