There is Always Hope

There Is Always Hope For Recovery

If you open our homepage, this is what you will see: There is always hope. At Steps Recovery Centers, we sincerely believe in this. We sincerely believe in you. We know that recovery is possible. We have built multiple, successful facilities around this idea. Addiction does not have to be permanent. It does not have […]

Fighting Addiction with Daily Decisions

Choices. Each morning of each day brings new ones. This is true for every life, for every person, no matter who you are. Daily decisions are required, from the seemingly mundane to the momentous. When you are facing an addiction and addiction recovery, you are required to make some extremely hard decisions each and every […]

Common Reasons Alcohol and Drug Addictions Start

For family members and whose loved ones are struggling with addiction it can sometimes be difficult to understand how a person becomes addicted to these substances. It can be even harder to know what to do to help them once they have become addicted. With drug abuse becoming more common, it’s important to understand some […]

The Connection Between Exercise and Addiction Recovery

The Connection Between Exercise and Addiction Recovery

Exercise has been shown by many studies to be beneficial to your health, but this is especially true if you are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Even if you have never been involved in an “exercise program” before, starting some type of exercise can be extremely beneficial in your rehabilitation journey. If the idea […]