Why Is Recovery Important?

Why does recovery matter? Why can we not just leave everything else out and simply let it be? Why? The answer is simple: we are human. We have emotional bonds and mental ties to things in life. We cannot cut everything off, because then we would be cutting ourselves off from what truly matters. Family, […]

5 Ways To Minimize Addiction Stigma

When it comes to drug addiction, stigma is everywhere. There always seems to be a mocking comment or stereotypical answer when facing others who are unaware of your situation. “How could that happen to you? Why could you not prevent this? There is no way out for you, is there?” These comments hurt. They shout […]

Battling Drug Addiction with Nutrition

When facing addiction, being nutritious may hardly be at the forefront of your mind. But some studies and articles show that nutrition may help to heal the body. According to some experts, along with the many effects of addiction, comes malnutrition. Jenny Smiechowski from thefix.com said, “The very act of ingesting drugs or alcohol wreaks […]

Turning Criticism into Progress

Being an addict has its truckload of challenges, but to feel criticized in the process of recovery can seem to be the hardest part. To be looked down upon and made fun of can push one deeper into despair. It can be friends, family, or strangers who become our criticizers. Feeling despised and belittled, though, is not […]