4 Precautions You Should Take if there’s Addiction in Your Family

It’s often said that addiction is a family disease. There are several reasons for this. One is that children who grow up in families with addiction tend to assume their parents’ substance use habits are normal. Kids who grow up in homes with addiction are also more likely to be exposed to adverse experiences, such […]

What to Do if an Overdose Occurs

You have gotten your drug. You are satisfying your body’s desire for it, but then the worst happens, you overdose. Overdose is when you receive an excessive amount of your drug than your body can handle. Last year, in 2018, 68,500 Americans died of drug overdoses. Nobody wants to overdose, and almost everyone is going […]

A New Report Shows Decline in Substance Use and Mental Health Insurance Coverage

A New Report Shows Decline In Substance Use and Mental Health Insurance Coverage

Key points from the research and what it means for you. A Milliman report released this week, initially commissioned by the Mental Health Treatment and Research Institute, shone a bright light on the concerns regarding insurance coverage for mental health and substance abuse. The findings point to a decline in the benefits for behavioral health […]

An Introduction to Opioid Misuse

The basics about this growing epidemic  Every day there’s a new headline reporting the seriousness of the ongoing opioid drug abuse and overdose crisis in the United States.  Here’s an introduction of some of the need-to-know facts.  By the numbers In 2018, 10.3 million people misused prescription opioids in 2018.  And, an estimated 130+ people […]

Understanding the Connection Between Bipolar and Addiction

Understanding The Connection Between Bipolar And Addiction

One of Amazon Prime’s newest projects is a min-series depiction of a collection of personal essays from the New York Times column “Modern Love”. With a star-studded cast and popularity from a previous publication of a book of fan favorites, the show quickly buzzed as one of the season’s biggest releases.  Though all the episodes follow a […]

5 Interesting Facts About Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

10 Interesting Facts About Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

There’s nothing fun about a drug or alcohol addiction. Situations involving addiction are often painful and difficult for families and friends of people going through the addiction. Luckily. there are services available for you or your friend or loved one. No one ever has to feel completely alone as they go through addiction recovery or […]

Talking To Children About Drug Abuse

From a young age, children’s eyes are open. They are aware of much—the good and the bad. Sadly, they begin to see lying, hurtful behavior, fighting, yelling, and more. We do not live in a perfect world, and neither do our children. Whether or not our own family members or friends are struggling with addiction, […]

Battling Drug Addiction with Nutrition

When facing addiction, being nutritious may hardly be at the forefront of your mind. But some studies and articles show that nutrition may help to heal the body. According to some experts, along with the many effects of addiction, comes malnutrition. Jenny Smiechowski from thefix.com said, “The very act of ingesting drugs or alcohol wreaks […]

Common Reasons Alcohol and Drug Addictions Start

For family members and whose loved ones are struggling with addiction it can sometimes be difficult to understand how a person becomes addicted to these substances. It can be even harder to know what to do to help them once they have become addicted. With drug abuse becoming more common, it’s important to understand some […]