Addictions Recovery: The 12 Best Apps For Recovery

Even with willpower, the road to addiction recovery can be a long process with temptations to overcome, but there are apps that can help. One of the more challenging aspects is managing and disciplining yourself during everyday life, outside of meetings. Smartphone applications are a convenient and reliable form of support, especially when your access […]

Addictions Recovery: A Guide to Dealing with Addiction Recovery Fatigue

Dealing with addiction takes time, commitment, and effort. Many people deal with recovery fatigue when they are undergoing the change of sobriety.  During recovery, the body is going through changes that can bring up feelings of overwhelm and leave people feeling overall fatigued.  Grappling with recovery fatigue can be just as challenging as getting sober […]

Addictions Recovery: A Guide to Life After Rehab

Addictions Recovery: A Guide to Life After Rehab

One of the hardest things that people can do is admit to themselves that they have a drug or alcohol addiction and decide to do something about it.  Substance addiction, because of the physiological effects it has, can be particularly challenging to overcome. Many people choose rehabilitation programs to help them overcome these addictions, but […]

Addictions Recovery: The Real Truth Behind Addiction Recovery Rates


Addiction is an unfortunate reality that nearly 1 in every 10 people over 12 in the United States face.  It is a gripping disease for both the addict themselves and the friends and family around them. And though a staggering percentage of the population is addicted to a substance- be it alcohol, narcotics, or opioids, […]

Addictions Recovery: This is How Long it Takes to Recover from Addiction

Recovering from an addiction is a long and difficult journey that can be intimidating to people trying to achieve sobriety.  Defining exactly what “recovery” looks like and exactly how long it takes to get there is a difficult question to answer and does not look the same for everyone. Detox can take anywhere from one […]

Addiction Recovery: These are the Stages of Addiction Recovery You Need to Know

Addiction is a severe problem that has far-reaching effects, so it is imperative to understand the stages of recovery to begin the recovery journey.  There are five stages of addiction recovery: Pre-Contemplation: denial of addiction Contemplation: thinking about healing Preparation: planning a recovery Action: acting out a recovery plan Maintenance: avoiding relapses While that is […]