Addiction: The Relationship of Co-Dependency and Addiction Explained

Is it love? Is it letting them get away with it and staying out of trouble? It could be co-dependency, and it might be causing you unhappiness. Co-dependency is a huge behavioral problem, but when mixed with addiction, it makes an awful situation even more terrible. Codependent behaviors can enable an addict and hinder treatment, […]

Managing Stress for a Strong Recovery

Stress and addiction have a complicated relationship. Stress has a major influence on addiction risk and relapse risk so understanding stress and how to manage it are crucial for staying sober long term. Broadly speaking, stress is any sort of demand put on your body or mind. When you think of stress, the first thing […]

What Does Addiction Do To Family?

When one person is going through something, their whole family goes through it with them. This is the same for addiction. When a loved one is struggling with addiction, it’s almost like the whole family has that struggle. Even if family members aren’t close, addiction can be a serious detriment to the family. Addiction is […]

What Addiction Is and Is Not

We decided to keep things simple today. Addiction is summarized as a whole lot of things. There are stigmas, triggers, and people who ultimately deny the fact that it can happen to anyone. Addiction is there though, and many of us deal with it ourselves or with loved ones close to us. As a result, […]

10 Inspiring Quotes To Get You Through Addiction

Addiction is a brutal thing to get through. It requires change, will-power, struggle, and an admittance that you were lost. Those of us who have been through addiction know that it is an awful road to be on, but one that has an exit. Here are 10 inspiring quotes to keep you going today.   […]

How Hiking Can Help You Overcome Addiction

As a Steps Recovery Center, we often can’t help but talk about steps that can be taken to addiction recovery. One of those steps is to find an active hobby, such as hiking. Hiking can help you overcome addiction. Here’s how: It Will Help Distract You: Abusive substances are on your mind. You can’t seem […]

Talking To Children About Drug Abuse

From a young age, children’s eyes are open. They are aware of much—the good and the bad. Sadly, they begin to see lying, hurtful behavior, fighting, yelling, and more. We do not live in a perfect world, and neither do our children. Whether or not our own family members or friends are struggling with addiction, […]

How To Switch From Addiction To Recovery

Addiction is a brain disease. It is something that changes the way you think. To recover, you have to turn back the way you think. You have to revert back to when you were in control. Turn the mindset of doing anything to stay loaded into a mindset that you’ll do anything to be clean. […]

What’s the Difference Between Tolerance, Dependence, and Addiction?

What's the Difference Between Tolerance, Dependence, and Addiction?

It can be hard to understand human nature, especially when nature leads us to make harmful decisions. The questions seem endless. Why does someone need more and more of the same thing? Why doesn’t the small dose an addict started with have the same effect as it did in the beginning? How can this ever-growing […]

Fighting Addiction with Daily Decisions

Choices. Each morning of each day brings new ones. This is true for every life, for every person, no matter who you are. Daily decisions are required, from the seemingly mundane to the momentous. When you are facing an addiction and addiction recovery, you are required to make some extremely hard decisions each and every […]