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Steps Recovery Center recognizes how vital the mind, body, and spirit are in their connection to the whole person. We take a holistic approach to treating drug addiction that includes treating the whole person, and find that it tends to be more successful, especially since drug addiction affects every aspect of a person’s life. With a customized and individualized program, a holistic approach just makes sense. It affords an opportunity to meet the patient’s physical and psychological needs and allows them to engage physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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What is a Holistic Detox Center?

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Detoxing is the first step in recovering from addiction from drugs or alcohol, which can take a toll on the body and mind. A holistic detox center uses natural treatments to treat the whole person in helping people overcome their addiction. When in a residential treatment center, holistic detox methods can include various treatments provided to a person struggling with addiction. This allows them the best chances of recovery by implementing a host of natural or holistic therapies that treat the mind, body, and spirit.

Holistic Detox Methods

To ensure someone in detox gets the care and support they need and deserve, it’s important to provide holistic detox methods. Some of these methods include:
  • Meditation – This holistic approach to detoxification can yield many benefits and be a powerful tool in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. Meditation allows you to focus your attention and awareness of calming the mind and reducing stress. It can help someone change their perception of stress, discomfort, and pain and how they react to them and other potential relapse triggers.
  • Nutritional therapy – Detoxing can exhaust the mind and body, so getting proper nutrition replenished is vital to a person’s health. A nutritionist can plan meals around a person’s detoxing that provide the nutrition they need as they build their body back up from the drug’s effects. Healthy food may include a controlled diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and meats. A detox center will use a balanced approach to nutrition that allows the body to absorb what it needs. This enables the recovering addict to become healthy and establish proper nutrition.
  • Yoga – An ancient Hindu practice that strengthens the mind and body, yoga has been around for centuries and was developed as a way of strengthening the body while relaxing the mind. Using particular postures was thought to help with the physical-spiritual connections of the body and mind, with benefits that include reduced stress, lowered blood pressure, strengthened muscles, better balance, and more.
  • Mindfulness – The practice of mindfulness allows a person to be aware of the present and mindful of their environment, unlike meditation. When you can look at things going on or how your body is feeling, without reaction or judgment, you can accept your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations without needing to fix or change things. It is especially helpful in detox when the body is going through withdrawal.

Benefits of a Holistic Detox Center

A recovering addict can benefit significantly from a holistic detox center. Since it focuses on a whole person, it can assist in several areas of a person’s life. Some of the benefits of utilizing holistic methods include resolving emotional conflict, reducing anxiety and depression, building self-esteem, and developing social skills. It’s particularly helpful in the beginning stages of recovery when an individual is purging their body of the substances that led to their addiction.
A holistic detox center can be quite effective for those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Recovery focusing on the whole person becomes more successful and leads to a lowered risk of relapse.

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There are effective treatments for addiction, but the first step on the road to recovery is to recognize there is a problem. Sometimes, when a person denies they have a problem, families and concerned friends may stage an intervention for prompt treatment—particularly if the addicted person is harming themselves or others. It’s important to get a physician’s assessment and diagnosis, then a treatment plan can be formulated, whether that means outpatient rehab, inpatient, or at-home treatment.

Rehabilitation often includes medications used to control drug cravings and therapy that can help addicted individuals understand their motivations and behavior, develop better self-esteem, cope with anxiety and stress, and address other mental problems.


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