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St. George, UT – Drug & Alcohol Rehab – Outpatient & Residential Treatment Center

Why St. George Outpatient and Residential Treatment Center?

Comfortable accommodations
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Take That First Step

We practice the 12-step process for a more holistic approach to treatment. We believe that in order for the healing process to begin, we must endeavor to understand the unique circumstances surrounding each patient. We offer residential drug and alcohol rehab in St. George, UT, and outpatient rehab.
We provide an inviting and comfortable environment in St. George for all individuals looking to start their journey of sobriety. Our residential drug and alcohol rehab center and outpatient treatment center are staffed by qualified, professional employees who are able and prepared to help make the experience stress-free.

We have a distinctive viewpoint into the trials and difficulties addiction recovery, specifically on the residential side of things. This allows us to be compassionate and successful in the treatments we provide for recovery.



Steps Recovery Center – St. George, UT

Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

24/7 Hotline Number 801.800.8142

Steps Recovery Center – St. George, UT

Outpatient Rehab Treatment Center

24/7 Hotline Number 801.800.8142

Let Steps Recovery Center Help

At Steps Recovery Centers, we are ready and willing to help any way we can, whether it’s through education or through our residential addiction recovery services.

If you have any questions about addiction and the recovery process, or if you are in need of support on your journey, contact us today.

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