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Why St.George Residential Treatment Center?

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We strive to help every patient, whether they’re admitted or are an outpatient, to learn how to recover, to grow through their recovery process, and to heal from the damage addiction causes. We also help families to understand the recovery process. 

If you have any questions about addiction and recovery—or need support in your recovery journey—please contact Steps Recovery Centers. You can call us at, or visit our newest facility in St. George.

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Do you or a loved one need rehabilitation from drugs or alcohol? None of us is able to overcome addictions on our own . . . and you’re not alone! For compassionate, effective, and affordable care in Southwest Utah, visit our facility for residential drug and alcohol rehab in St. George, Utah.

Nearby Activities

Our facility is near dozens of hiking destinations and the Virgin River. You can enjoy: 

  • Water-based sports and activities, such as kayaking in the river
  • Friendly games of volleyball
  • An expedition to a skiing destination
  • Climbing a rock wall
  • And other fun sports

Outdoor activities are a great addition to rehabilitation. Our brains need opportunities to build new habits that will replace our addictive habits. In outdoor exercise, we often get to interact with people in healthy ways that we have missed out on during our struggles with addiction. 

Our brains and bodies can practically be re-wired to take pleasure in these activities and relationships instead of in the substances we’ve grown to depend on.

Recovery Services

To provide high-quality residential drug and alcohol rehab in St. George, Utah, we have brought in experienced, caring workers, comfortable new furnishings, and medical professionals and counselors. We’ll support you through a process personalized for your unique needs.

We can also: 

  • Help to intervene and detox patients at the beginning of their recovery journey, making sure this is handled with care and compassion
  • Provide residential treatment and care for addiction recovery at our facility, along with outpatient care
  • Provide transitional care to help patients return to sober lives
  • Welcome patients back again at any time for follow-up care


3638 Sugar Leo Dr, Bloomington, UT 84790


We’re in the Bloomington community in the southwestern part of St. George. Our newest facility is conveniently located near Interstate 15 / East Veterans Memorial Highway, near Bloomington Park, Virgin River, and Bloomington Country Club.
Our grounds feature beautiful green lawns, trees, and rock gardens. The facility is in a peaceful, well-maintained neighborhood where you can relax and focus on recovery. It’s also surrounded by the backdrop of Utah’s famous red rocks, big skies, and plenty of fresh air.


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Recognize healing as an opportunity and a journey. It is a hard road, but one that leads to a better place. Take it. Come to a Steps Recovery Center to make it happen.

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