Orem, Utah – Outpatient Rehab

As with all of our locations for outpatient addiction recovery, in Orem, Utah, we strive to create an atmosphere of peace where holistic healing can take place for our patients. Our experienced staff does what they can to bolster this peaceful environment so all of our patients can get the most out of their treatments.

At Steps Recovery Centers, all of our services for outpatient addiction recovery in Orem, Utah are tailored toward helping patients and their families understand that addiction is not a permanent condition and can be reversed.

At our location, our staff utilizes the 12-step process for a more holistic healing process. We actively assist patients in helping them find healing in their mind, body, and soul. This requires a unique perspective on the healing process and being able to understand where addicts are coming from.

Our founding story is rooted in addiction recovery, so we are able to better empathize with those who are struggling with addiction. People all over Utah have found healing through Steps Recovery Centers and so can you.

Payson, Utah – Residential Rehab

Our residential drug and alcohol rehab center in Payson, Utah provides a enticing and relaxing environment for those individuals wanting to begin the necessary steps to sobriety. While providing comfortable and enjoyable accommodations, our drug and alcohol rehab center in Payson, Utah is staffed by experience and qualified personnel who are ready and willing to assure your experience is as stress-free as possible.

Our unique founding and story allows us to give a unique perspective into the trials and difficulties of residential addiction recovery. We pride ourselves on not only being more empathetic, but also, highly effective in the treatments we offer.