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Addiction Recovery in Orem, Utah

Our Orem location is a great spot for addiction recovery. Our addiction recovery program in Orem, Utah is conveniently situated in a central location for Utah County, one hour south of Salt Lake City. It is straight shot about ten minutes off of the 1-15 freeway. Plus, you can’t beat those breathtaking mountain views. We are right up against the canyon, which means you can watch the fall colors turn, the peaks become dusted with snow, and the springtime greens creep back up the hillside. 

Mountains are a powerful symbol of the challenges we face in our own lives—powerful, formidable, but ultimately able to be climbed and conquered. Look to the mountains for inspiration, peace, and a reminder that some summits are worth the climb.

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Designed for people who are struggling to overcome the burden of addiction by making changes, one small step at a time, the day program for drug and alcohol rehab in Orem, Utah is a great option for people who want to maintain a normal schedule and routine during their addiction recovery process. 


Sometimes smaller steps are easier ones, and a day rehab program in which you spend the day working with our counselors and therapies and head home to your own place at night is a more manageable step than a residential treatment center. And sometimes a little independence goes a long way in the addiction recovery process. Those with a more mild addiction or who are looking for a more affordable treatment option are also welcome in our day drug and alcohol rehab in Orem, Utah.


1145 E 800 N Orem, UT 84097


Located near the entrance of the beautiful Provo Canyon, the Steps Recovery Centers drug and alcohol rehab in Orem, Utah, is a scenic backdrop to healing. We know that addiction is painful, and the journey to freedom is a long one. Let us help you take your first steps down that path with our day rehab program for drug and alcohol addiction recovery in Orem, Utah.


Steps Recovery Center – Orem, UT

Drug and Alcohol Day Treatment Center

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Orem Facility Number: 801.691.0575

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We would love to help you with your addiction recovery in Orem, Utah. Wherever you are on your journey to healing, we can help you set and reach your goals. We are here to offer support in your journey and would love to help any way we can. Please reach out and contact us if you have any questions about our Orem day treatment rehab program, or if you have any questions at all about addiction and recovery.

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