Drug Addiction: Top 5 Ways You Can Be There for a Loved One

July 22, 2021

Drug addiction is difficult to deal with, especially when it clouds the user’s mind and they don’t realize the adverse effects it has on their lives.

Watching someone you care about deal with a drug addiction can be absolutely heartbreaking. An addiction to drugs has the ability to take complete control over a person and can take away their life and happiness. Thankfully, there are answers. Knowing how to be there for a person suffering from drug addiction can feel overwhelming. But being there is one of the best ways to support them during this challenging time.

Continue reading to learn five ways you can support a loved one suffering from addiction.

5 Ways You Can Be There for a Loved One Dealing with Drug Addiction

As a supporting loved one, it’s important to remember that you cannot control an addict’s life or what they do. You can only support and influence them to the best of your abilities. Here are five ways you can help your loved one during this challenging time in their life:

  1. Get Educated

You cannot help fight a fight when you do not understand what exactly is going on. Take time to educate yourself on the signs, symptoms, treatments, and triggers resulting in relapse of drug abuse and addiction. If your loved one enters a treatment facility, one of the best things you can do is participate in family programs, classes, and support groups. The education each of you will take away from the courses will help you as you all continue down the road to recovery. You can be a continued source of love, accountability, and support as life moves on, drug cravings appear, and triggers emerge.

  1. Go Easy on Yourself

It is crucial to remember throughout this process that you are not responsible for the actions of your loved one. Their addiction, actions, and where they are in the recovery process is not in your control. You can, however, control what you do and how you respond to the situation. There is so much pain and grief during this challenging time, so give yourself grace and the space to do what you need to do for yourself.

  1. Be Open to Communication

Staying silent and acting like the topic of your loved one’s drug addiction is taboo might seem helpful; however, in most cases, talking about the issue and how you’re feeling can be therapeutic and healing for you and your loved one. Keeping lines of communication open and a conversation going will help your loved one feel safe and is more likely to come to you when they need help. 

  1. Avoid Criticism and Judgement 

Drug addiction is a serious and consuming disease. Chances are, your loved one struggling with this brutal illness is aware that this is not an ideal situation and does not wish to be in a vicious cycle of relapse and recovery. Do your best to keep judgmental remarks, criticism, and projections of shame to yourself. Do your best to be graceful, understanding, and forgiving. Instead, be a place of hope and proactive in getting your loved one back on track to recovery. Doing this will show them you are a trustworthy and safe person in their life.

  1. Encourage Treatment and Recovery

Like most illnesses, the sooner addiction is treated, the better. It is not uncommon for an addict to refuse help, deny there’s an issue, or offer excuses for why they cannot seek treatment. In most cases, professional treatment is the only way to fully recover. Be persistent in encouraging them to get the help they need in a gentle, compassionate, and empathetic way.

Contact Steps Recovery Centers 

If someone you love is struggling with drug addiction, contact Step Recovery Centers in Salt Lake City, Utah County, and St. George, Utah. There is help, and our skilled team of professionals is here to help you and your loved one throughout this difficult time. Contact us to learn more today.

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