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Stay Sober by Knowing the Stages of Relapse

Addiction Recovery: The Complete Sex Addiction Recovery Guide

Addiction can be all-consuming and a subject of great shame. Hiding destructive behavior is exhausting.  However, getting help can be life-changing. Therapies to help a sex addict recover are gentle and focus on healing and learning how to move forward with a healthy mind, body, and soul. Through a regimented

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Couples Addiction Therapy: How It Works

Many people undervalue couples addiction therapy, but they should not because of how severely substance abuse can destroy healthy relationships.  There is a plethora of information and programs available that focus on individual alcohol and drug addiction treatment and programs. Couples Addiction Therapy works by focusing on both partners impacted

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Addiction Detox: This is Why Addiction Detox Hurts

The addiction detox process is not an easy, painless process, and many people struggle to get through it, especially if they are doing it solo.  Undergoing an addiction rehab program can be difficult to endure without a support system, and many require the expertise of medical professionals to have the

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Addiction Recovery: How Exercise Helps

Between being high and dealing with annoying hangovers, the last thing on most addicts’ minds is exercising.  Most of them don’t prioritize investing in a gym membership because they’d lose money that would otherwise cater to their daily fix. But if you’re in the recovery process, exercise is probably one

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