How to Switch from Addiction to Recovery

Addiction is a brain disease. It is something that changes the way you think. To recover, you have to turn back the way you think. You have to revert back to when you were in control. Turn the mindset of doing anything to stay loaded into a mindset that you’ll do anything to be clean.

First off, you need to start today, and you need to take it slow.

Start today.

Stop looking for your fix. Do not let yourself succumb to that anymore. To truly be in control, you cannot let drugs control you.

Take it slow.

Recovery takes time, and even just deciding to recover can be a hard process. There will be setbacks. It will be hard. Let yourself get to recovery in a timely, but possible manner. Take it slow and breathe.


Then, you can start to switch from addiction to recovery.


Use what you learned from addiction to recover.

Addiction made you realize just how possible things are, if you simply want it. With addiction, if you wanted a fix, you got it. No matter how hard it was, or what barriers you faced, you got what you wanted. The same can be true in recovery. If you want it, you will work towards it and face whatever obstacles come your way. You can recover.

Addiction may have also taught you that life can be cruel. Recovery can teach you that same lesson. Becoming sober can be cruel, but it is worth it. There will be long days, and mental breakdowns, but that is the price of recovery.

Addiction showed you that life has rewards. In addiction, there was the reward of a fix or a high. But that reward also destroyed you. It was not a healthy reward. In recovery, there is a much better reward than addiction. At the end of recovery, there is a healed body and mind, and a life to build up again. You can be you again.


Addiction doesn’t have to destroy you. You can use what you learned in addiction to recover. Your life is worth it. Finding recovery is a phenomenal reward, in of itself. Start today. Steps Recovery Centers can help.

There is Always Hope

If you open our homepage, this is what you will see:


There is always hope.

At Steps Recovery Centers, we sincerely believe in this. We sincerely believe in you.

We know that recovery is possible. We have built multiple, successful facilities around this idea.

Addiction does not have to be permanent. It does not have to leave you empty. We want you and your family to feel whole again.

However, we know this attitude can be hard to maintain, especially during difficult times. How do we stay hopeful?

We have seen recovery.

We have seen it in the lives of those in our recovery centers and those elsewhere. We have seen complete transformations and it shows us just how possible recovery is. People can change and sobriety can be found.

We know firsthand that it is possible.

Much of the staff at Steps Recovery Centers have conquered addiction. They are not only qualified to help with recovery, but they physically and mentally know how it feels to be addicted. They work closely with our residents as they face their recovery journey.

We believe.

Even though we have seen and felt recovery, one important element of remaining hopeful is through belief. We keep pushing through, with a belief in recovery. To recover, we have to believe that it is possible. And we do. We do believe that recovery can come for anyone, anywhere.

If you need help finding the hope in recovery, come to a Steps Recovery Center, a quality rehab in Utah.