Addiction Recovery Treatment Center in Utah

It is one of the most painful moments that anyone can experience: the feeling of helplessness as you succumb to an addiction or watch a loved one suffer. And the biggest and toughest step toward recovery? Deciding to make that initial change. Change is never easy, and committing to sobriety is a life-long pursuit.

We are here to help. We offer recovery centers run by experienced staff members who can give you and your family the tools for sober living.

Steps is more than just a place for addiction recovery in Utah; it's a way of thinking through the best path to recovery. When you choose Steps for rehab in Utah, you are giving yourself or your loved one the best chance of achieving and, more importantly, maintaining sobriety.

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Quality Care.
Affordable Treatment.

We care about offering an effective, permanent solution to treating addiction and substance abuse for you or your loved one. Our goal is to provide the most advanced and effective care for addiction treatment in Utah. With our three-stage approach and a tailored program of care to suit your needs, our highly skilled professionals are here to help.

With Steps Recovery, one of the most trusted drug rehab centers in Utah, you’ll find a recovery program that actually feels right.

When beginning your journey to sobriety, there should be no obstacle stopping you from getting the help you need — including finances. At Steps Recovery Center, we are committed to the wellness of our clients, and that means working with you and your family to find a payment plan that fits.

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"I understand. I've been there."

Mike Jorgensen, Founder

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