Drug Rehab in Utah
Three Steps of Care
Everyone's needs are different. You need help that's tailored just for you.
"I understand.
I've been there."
- Mike Jorgensen, Founder
and his daughter, Annie

Drug Rehab Center

Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Utah

Steps Recovery center is a drug rehabilitation center in Utah Valley providing all levels of care for patients by offering physical, emotional and family support. We care about offering a permanent solution to treating the addiction and substance abuse for you or your loved one.

Steps Recovery Center is a Specialized Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

When a patient begins addiction treatment, our staff and therapists provide a road map specific to the patient’s needs. Our treatment is evidence-based, providing the most successful elements and support in getting the patient on a long term path to recovery. Family members and friends can also be educated on the best way to provide valuable support for their loved one.

Please contact us to learn more about our process. We are very sensitive to your concerns and we’ll provide valuable answers and information for any questions you have. Whether it’s you or a loved one suffering from an addiction, the best action you can take is to pick up the phone and give us a call.

No other Utah drug rehab program provides the full spectrum of care like Steps Recovery Center. For more information please read through our Services, Admissions, and Why Us pages, and of course feel free to give us a call at any time to discuss your questions in more detail.

It is one of the most painful moments that anyone can experience—the feeling of helplessness as you succumb to an addiction or watch a loved one suffer. It is also a time when you feel most hopeless and powerless. Despite all the circumstances, there are people who want to help you overcome the problem and get you or your loved one back on track—family, friends, and Steps Recovery Center.

We believe there is always hope, and this belief keeps us coming to work every day at Steps Recovery Center. As one of the most trusted drug rehab centers in Utah, we know that positive changes happen through collaboration between our counselors and the courageous patients we meet every day.